Mooky’s Last Chance Presale: Surpasses 800k Funding, Proving It’s Not Another BigEyes Rug Pull

Introduction, the adorable and trendsetting meme token of 2023, is making waves in the crypto world with its unique focus on environmental sustainability and community governance. With a commitment to global tree-planting initiatives and inspiring positive change, is revolutionizing the way cryptocurrencies contribute to our planet.

Time is Running Out! Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to Join Mooky Presale – Over $800k Raised! is excited to announce the final opportunity for investors to participate in its highly anticipated presale. The presale round has already raised over $800k, showcasing the immense interest and confidence in the project. Investors who don’t want to miss out on this exciting opportunity should act quickly to secure their spot in the presale before it concludes.

Addressing the Big Eyes Rug Pull Incident: A Commitment to Transparency and Investor Protection

It is vital to address the recent rug pull incident involving the project Big Eyes. Big Eyes raised over $40M in funds and added $150k to its liquidity. Unfortunately, they experienced a significant drop of 97%, leading to concerns about a rug pull. The project has reportedly scammed around 30k investors, causing distress within the crypto community. acknowledges the impact of such incidents on investor trust and emphasizes its unwavering dedication to transparency, investor protection, and fair practices. Unlike the rug pull incident, is committed to building a trusted and secure platform for its investors. The team behind has taken extensive measures to ensure the highest level of security and transparency. All funds raised during the presale will be used to develop the platform and support the mission of global tree-planting initiatives. A Helping Hand for Investors Affected by Scams understands the unfortunate circumstances faced by investors who have fallen victim to scams. With a genuine desire to assist those who have lost funds, is actively reaching out to affected individuals and providing support. The team is dedicated to helping outside investors recover from their losses and regain trust.

Join the Community and Be Part of the Change!

Investors and crypto enthusiasts are invited to join the vibrant community and participate in shaping the future of this groundbreaking project. By prioritizing environmental impact, community governance, and investor protection, aims to restore faith in the crypto space and create a platform that stands out from the rest.

About is the cutest and coolest meme token of 2023, pioneering a new wave of environmentally conscious and community-governed cryptocurrencies. With a focus on global tree-planting initiatives and decentralized decision-making, aims to inspire change and create

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