Monster Hunters – The Witcher-based Play-to-Earn GameFi

Monster Hunters is a game where you may earn money by playing it. It was inspired by The Witcher film series, games, and the Monster Hunter film itself.


Monster Hunters is a GameFi inspired by the film and gaming industries that was established to provide hunters and warriors with pleasure to enjoy as well as the option to earn while gaming.

Greek mythology is the main topic of the game. The universe of games comprises of a huge continent, covered by many races, including people, monsters and hunters. Further, The Witcher and Monster Hunter inspire the game to give a convincing and exciting experience. Hunters are key characters in the game, seeking mythical creatures and monsters as well as struggling for justice to earn prizes and EXP.

Hunters can be traded in the built-in marketplace. The player has complete power over whether to trade, purchase, or sell. Because all Hunters are NFTs, pricing may be as high or cheap as players choose.

Monster Hunters’ call to farm NFTs is part of its appeal. According to the roadmap, the team will implement the feature later. When it becomes available, players will be able to wager their native game NFTs to receive HunterX prizes. It is a passive income alternative for individuals who choose to pursue it.

Before releasing its play-to-earn blockchain game, Monster Hunters was audited by Solidproof. In addition, the Monster Hunters DApp is now available on the website, allowing gamers to have a firsthand look at the game environment.

Project Roadmap

Phase 1: 

Designing Hunters And Marketplace 

Beta Game Testing by the Team 

Get the Contract audited by 

Launch on Social Media 

Announcement on the Whitelist 

Contest and Registering for Beta Game Testing 

Website Development 

Announcement on the Private Sale for Beta Game Testers 

Presale On UniCrypt 

Big Marketing for HunterX 

Update on Graphic Designs 

Launch On PancakeSwap 

Launch the Hunter Battle 

Launch HunterX Marketplace 

Coingecko, Coinmarketcap Listing

Phase 2: 

Audit our Contract for the 2nd time 

Launch HunterX Boss Fighting 

Release More MonsterHunters NFT Characters 

Launch on NFT Farming 

Launch MonsterHunters Farming 

MonsterHunters Items 

Expanding the Team 

Marketing with famous Influencers

Phase 3: 

Cooperation with Gaming Studio for the Mobile Game Development 

TOP 10 CEX Listing 

TOP 5 CE Listing 

MonsterHunters Mobile Game on IOS & Android

Project Tokenomics

Supply: 165,000,000


Liquidity (locked for 6 months): 14.1%

Presale: 22%

Private sale: 3.9%

Farming (10% vesting for 1 month): 15%

Hunter Reward (10% vesting for 2 months): 30%

Team (Vesting for 6 months): 7%

Marketing (vesting for 1 month): 5%

Airdrop (Locked until October 1st): 3%


Monster Hunters, a play-to-earn blockchain game, will take over the gaming industry. The game has a number of novel elements, such as many tiers of creatures to battle, boss fights, and NFT farming. This project’s token sale will begin on September 16, 2021. 

Monster Hunters’ primary token, HunterX, is now available on the Binance mainnet. UniCrypt will host the HunterX Pre-Sale. You are asked to join the Whitelisting in order to win a spot in the top 60 in the direct private sale. You may also be chosen as one of 600 lucky people to participate in beta game testing.

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