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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Monsta Veteran: Couldn’t be better.

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Monsta Veteran: Yup.

Q1: Now to start the AMA, team Monsta Infinite please have a quick introduction to the community. What is Monsta Infinite all about & background of the team behind this project?

Monsta Veteran: Monsta Infinite is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with a turn-based card game concept that co-joins gaming and cryptocurrency. It implements a play-to-earn concept by introducing; the governance token, $MONI which will be listed on several platforms, and the NFT Monsta which will be on our marketplace. Being Axie-inspired, we will provide gamers a gaming experience that has been designed and programmed to extinguish issues gamers face with conventional games, features including account security and anti-bot gameplays to name a few. We are looking at the next big trend that is still in its development stages that has already created its own fan base of large companies and communities all around the world all waiting to get into the next craze in the crypto world.

I was the founding committee of the first blockchain association in Malaysia and Singapore called Access Blockchain Association. We used to be a software house that specialized in blockchain, taking multiple outsource projects including yield aggregator, DEX, EVM etc. Our developing team are experienced game developers, primarily in Unity-based game engines.

Q2: How did you come up with the idea to create Monsta Infinite, can you introduce more about Monsta Classes & Jilaka?

Monsta Veteran: I came out with the idea when we saw how successful Axie in creating a balance between cryptocurrency and gameplay. But similar to other MMORPG game they have flaws that many games face. One of them is the issue of overpopulation. With over millions of players and billions in market capitalization, Axie is saturated, making the game harder for new players to join with and lesser capital appreciation potential for existing player; the high buy-in price tag does not help as well. It gave me the inspiration to design a new game for any players to join in, making a game more well-rounded for both veterans and newbies. I also saw common flaws in other NFT-based games and wondered what if we removed all these flaws and made a gameplay that is more versatile and accessible to users all around the world; that’s where Monsta Infinite was born. We would showcase 9 classes of Monstas, which are from 3 moon nations. This allows users to have variations of Monstas equipped with different attributes and skills.  Prime, Terminator and Alchemists are 3 classes from the titan nation, Golem, Nightingale and Prophets are from the Elf Nation, and Grognak, Juggernaut and Bomoh are from the Orc nations. Every Monsta has their own specific strengths and weakness, making every one of them useful in different situations. In certain levels in story mode, users require specific classes and nations in order to defeat the enemies, so it is certain that players would need more than just 3 Monstas in their arsenal. Even when battling other players, the variation of strengths and weaknesses allows the player’s team to battle in a synchronized manner against other players and win. These variations voids a Meta build which can make a game harder and more intriguing. In story mode, players will have to strategise their teams in order to advance to the next level, where in the end they will reach the boss level and meet Jilaka. Jilaka is the evil boss users will face at the Boss level in the story mode. Jilaka will be a challenge for users as they have to devise strategies and Monstas in their team in order to beat him. Do note that after defeating enemies, raw materials like Cores will be earned by players, which is an essential item for augmentation.

Q3: Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So why did you claim that the game is axie inspired, don’t you think this claim might lead to copyright issues in the future?

Monsta Veteran: Well, there’s a difference between Axie-inspired and copycat. We claim to be Axie inspired because we saw how far Axie went, and we find that the vibes Axie gives to their players is very addicting, therefore it was the reason why we aspire to just as successful. Plus, even Axie mentioned that they are inspired by other games like Pokemon. It’s a non-issue that people tend to get inspiration from something that is already good. Building a new economic model is very risky, with multiple matters to take into account. Why make something new, when the current model is already good and well known? This also helps us in the fact that we are building a game with a common concept that most users are already accustomed to, therefore luring more users to join. When venturing into the smartphone industry, would you want to make a triangle phone instead of following the worldwide standard? That is what we aspire to do; to make an already good economic model better and more suited for users. Copyright issues is also a non-issue as even though we inspire from them, the similarity lies only in the concept. We have totally different graphics and gameplay, even our tokenomics is very different.

Besides, adding some competitions into the NFT game space actually benefits the players. More choices and more improved solutions.

If the public did study our whitepaper would understand that we are striving to provide something different and address some of the common problems faced by the current NFT game.

Q4: What makes Monsta different from Axie and what features are you proud of Monsta that other NFT games don’t have?

Monsta Veteran: We aspire to be unique by creating a game that has removed the common flaws other NFT-based games face day to day. We can categorize them into 2 sections.


One of the measures we added into the gameplay are variations. Players will not get the exact same PVE every day as we took inspiration from the game Slay the Spire where the users will choose their pathway in the story mode and the enemy in these pathway has variations and randomization. This not only makes the game more intriguing and unpredictable. We have implemented match three puzzle into the gameplay to increase the competitiveness and it also acts as an anti-bot feature, the puzzle will be appearing on random and will require player to do specific task that function like a captcha.


The main difference between a GameFi and conventional game is the economics as GameFi’s in-game currency actually matters, there will be many players try to make a living by playing the game so our goal is to achieve economy equilibrium in-game. In order to achieve this, we will need to keep the monsta character’s price low and STT price stable. It can be achieved by eliminating the involvement of MONI, the governance token in any game-related matters because MONI being the governance token of the project will surely appreciate in price over time as the valuation and staking reward grew with the increased adoption of players.

Increasing the demand of STT, our in-game currency is the best method to stabilize the price. By adding features such as augmentation on Monsta, cloning, battles and so much more which is readily available on our official whitepaper. This allows us to regulate the in-game token to be balanced on supply and demand.

To summarize

– More entertaining gameplay

– Well balanced economic structure

– Ensure the longevity of the project

Q5: Does the buying and cloning of pets/monsters have a limited number? If there is, how many will that be? And can we limit the monster that we can buy per account to give chance to others?

Monsta Veteran: We don’t set limits to the amount of Monstas a user can purchase as we realize that there are always methods to go around the system to hoard Monstas. What we did was making sure that every Monstas is designed in a way that every one of them has a specific attribute and feature which makes all of them useful in battle, not only avoiding a formation of a Meta team, but also avoiding users from hoarding monstas. We also added augmentation where users have to sacrifice Monstas for parts to augment Monstas. This allows us to control the amount of Monstas. We will be expecting that Monstas will tend to appreciate in value, but with these measures, the value will not fluctuate so much. Cloning will have a certain limit set for each Monstas as well. Users require more STT every time they want to clone, which will also help regulate the number of Monstas in the system.

The exact limit of cloning can’t be disclosed now sorry. Please wait for marketplace launch on 12 Oct 2021

Q6: $MONI presale token just sold out in 24s, can you walk us through about tokenomics & token use cases? Does it get audited?

Monsta Veteran: Haha one secret sauce of our project, we release things gradually, disclosing everything at once doesn’t bring any good, we will need to keep the excitement going.

 Our tokens are audited by Certik and Callisto.

MONI – Governance token

– Governance token’s holder will be able to participate in the DAO and vote on major project’s decision

– Governance token’s holder can stake their token for passive income

There will be a MONI-STT liquidity pool added into our marketplace initially. This dex only allows one-way transactions to the users, they are only able to purchase STT using MONI and not the opposite which results in more MONI and less STT in the liquidity pool. STT will be minted and sold into MONI, these MONI will be transferred into the staking treasury. Such a mechanism increases the staking reward of MONI stakers as the demand on STT increases.

STT – In-Game Currency

– Cloning requires STT

– Augmentation requires STT, Core that could get from fighting Jilaka, boss in game and sacrificing monsta

– Player will spend STT to rematch on PVE just like arcade games, especially on boss fight as there is a possibility to drop Core that is needed for augmentation

– STT also needed to craft items in our open-world gameplay

The problem with a lot of games is they have not enough demand on the in-game currency. Some NFT games that have no leveling feature will just cause the stronger player to stay strong forever and have no motivation to spend. The intention of augmentation is to encourage players to keep spending to get stronger and to stay competitive. Top players aka wealthy players would compete fiercely to keep their ranks, this actually increased the demand of STT and benefits the public and what most of the normal players want is just to have a decent ROI every day.

Some might question if wealthy players get augmented a lot and get really strong, does it mean newer and weaker players are unable to earn rewards in PVP? We have addressed this issue by having a ranking system in PVP, each rank has its reward allocation.

Q7: Can you share with us about your KOLs partnerships & what can we expect on your roadmap in the next 3 months?

Monsta Veteran: We have over 200+ KOLs supporting us, with over 50 partnerships; some are well known like Kirin Fund, Master Ventures and GD 10 Ventures. In the next 3 months we hope to accomplish both Alpha and Beta testing, launching mini-games and collaborating with different NFT projects. We also hope to increase our partnerships and IDO/IBO platforms in the near future. Our governance token, MONI will be listed on multiple centralized exchanges gradually as well.

I think everyone could see the amount of KOL sharing on us in social media. Many bigger ones will be announced. Stay tuned, we promise you wouldn’t be disappointed.

One small sneak peak on our roadmap here, we will allow players of other NFT games to integrate their NFT character into our open-world gameplay in the future. Small tip, search Vampire attack by sushiswap on google

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