MONIWAR GameFi Launches NFT Marketplace After Beta Release

Excitement is building as NFT Marketplace goes live.

GameFi Project Aims for Strong Start

MONIWAR has made important technical progress and feels ready for its official marketplace release only weeks after its official launch. There is definitely hype around the game from the well-known launchpad LaunchZone.

BSC News covered MONIWAR’s initial launch only a matter of weeks ago and even then their official road map had seemed a little ambitious. It seems however that important work has made their goal a possibility and the team is set to fulfill its roadmap promises.

“Well, so there’s only 1 day left for the NFT Marketplace feature to officially launch, have you well prepared for this great function? Don’t forget to set a reminder clock at 3PM (UTC) on 11/18/2021,” the team proudly stated on their official Medium page


The roadmap, listed above, is as tight as you’ll see with regard to timeline, but this has not stopped the team who have doubtlessly been working hard. While the project remains in its infancy it is important to retain a degree of caution but the work rate is admirable.

“We will collect 10% transaction fee from the seller. Specifically:

8% is transferred to the Play to Earn Reward wallet.

1% is used for Swap and Add Liquidity.

1% is used for reinvesting and developing the #Moniwar project.”

Further details regarding how you can make use of the marketplace itself can be found here, and while the release comes with a great deal of excitement it will be important to track just how much usage it enjoys. 

BSC News will be on hand to track the relevant figures and details as they emerge.  


What is MONIWAR?

MONIWAR describes itself as an epic puzzle game with a PvP mechanic for everyone. The project aims to create a new experience for players in the field of gaming and DeFi. The game is designed with a suitable mechanism for players to be entertained, and DeFi will bring income and sustainable ways to make money for users.

The project is inspired by the famous and widely loved game around the world: Battle of Legend, combined with the stories of ancient Greek myths and with the leading NFT and DeFi technologies in the blockchain, by introducing a large number of ACGN Well-known IP, and designers in the field, making full use of the “interoperability” advantage of blockchain technology, allowing toy figures in the real world to interact with NFT’s in the virtual world in the MONIWAR entertainment metaverse, breaking the dimensional barriers. 

To join the game, users can download the game on Android & IOS applications or use the web version and register to play the game.

Where to Find MONIWAR:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | YouTube

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