MOMOverse: The Dawn Launch Arrives for MOBOX Community

MOMOverse DAWN comes with upgrades to the MOBOX metaverse, creating an enticing experience for both new and existing users.

MOBOX Launch Official Metaverse 

Top Non-fungible Token (NFT) and GameFi platform on BNB ChainMOBOX, released its newly improved metaverse to the community. As the GameFi platform calls it, the “MOMOverse DAWN” is the official version of the MOBOX MOMOverse. 

The GameFi protocol launched the MOMOverse Dawn on April 28 at 10:00 UTC. The protocol also uncovered the numerous updates added to the new MOMOverse Dawn through Medium moments before launch. The improvements on the metaverse include an upgraded User Interface (UI), a material buyback system, new Login functionalities, and more. 

“The MOMOverse UI has been fully upgraded. The user interface of MOMOverse official version will be concise and unified. In the official version of MOMOverse, a material repurchase system will be added. Materials obtained from the crafting can be sold to repurchase NPCs to earn MBOX,” MOBOX wrote regarding the new UI and the material buyback system. 

Users can now log in via wallet and MOBOX account | Source

On MOMOverse Dawn, users can log in by using their MOBOX accounts. However, unlike the first release, which BSC News reported on March 16, users could only log in through their wallets. The official version also adds support for partner NFTs. Thus, users would be able to purchase their favorite NFTs shortly. 

Other features launched during the first release remain unchanged, except for the Combine system, which MOBOX renamed “Craft.” The metaverse combines Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and GameFi, creating an ecosystem where developers, players, and collectors come together in one world. MOBOX is currently hosting a Twitter giveaway to celebrate the MOMOverse launch. The protocol announced the details on April 28, with the promise of rewarding users with five MOMO NFTs: 

Top GameFi on BNB Chain 

MOBOX has kept its place as a top GameFi and DeFi platform on BNB Chain. With its PlayToEarn (P2E), NFT, and DeFi features, the platform attracts a massive influx of users across the blockchain space. Now that the MOMOverse official version is available, the protocol has the platform to keep dominating the GameFi space on BNB Chain. 

DappRadar, the number one source for providing insights about various protocols on numerous blockchains, confirms MOBOX’s huge interest in the space. According to the go-to blockchain analytics provider, MOBOX is the most utilized GameFi platform on BNB Chain and the fourth GameFi across all networks in the past month.

The NFT and GameFi platform recorded over 226K users in 30 days. Only Bomb Crypto comes close to the protocol’s extensive adoption. The protocol also crossed the 100 Million mark in the volume of traded assets, placing it among the elite GameFi projects in the industry. 

Now that the official MOMOverse is live, the MOBOX ecosystem will attract more users, and BSC News expects the platform to maintain its place as a top GameFi on BNB Chain. 

What is MOBOX: 

MOBOX is a Play-to-Earn GameFi protocol built on BNB Chain. The protocol combines the best yield farming and Gaming NFTs, creating a free GameFi ecosystem. Utilizing the BSC, MOBOX shows true NFT interoperability by combining cross-chain and cross-platform functionality for NFTs. The platform is community-driven and rewards users for their engagement and enjoyment. 

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