MOBOX Play to Earn Game, BlockBrawler, Proves Difficult but Rewarding

Co-Founder of DeFi Direct, GoonTrades, spent a week on MoBox’s GameFi platform, BlockBrawler, just coming short of MBOX rewards.

MoBox’s Play-to-Earn & GameFi Platform BlockBrawler

I am now one full season into the MOBOX Block Brawler game. After a week of gameplay in our Traders to Gamers series, I have earned $4.05.

With around 10 hours of gameplay and $218.18 invested in rented Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), I found myself right on the cusp of the leaderboard. Rank 300 is the cutoff with rewards of just over $33.28.

This wasn’t nearly enough to recoup my investment, leaving me with a $214 loss. But this is only my first week of a $1000 investment.

I enjoyed nearly all of the gameplay and climbing the ladder, despite some of the tedious and redundant aspects. Grinding is part of gaming and it wasn’t necessarily a bad experience in Block Brawler. Overall quite

NFT Gaming and Profitability

Users are likely thinking, ‘how can this be a good play-to-earn game but you made no money?’ 

Well, that’s the caveat, I may have made no money. But, let’s look at the top players and their payouts. The top 900 users were able to claim over $700,000 in rewards according to the MOBOX rewards displayed in-game on October 25th.

On the first battlefield (LVL 69 and under) the top three players won a combined payout of 3778 $MBOX or about $15,800 at the time of writing. Second Battlefield: 4,529 MBOX or $18,900. Third Battlefield: 5,661 MBOX or $23,500. 

To me, the math still sounds like it could be worthwhile. I learned a fair bit throughout my first week and definitely have some more knowledge to apply to the game. Where most entry-level players seem stuck is the build. The game boils down to who has the strongest abilities, highest level of gear, and best sets.

My gear wasn’t cutting it. You can see a rough outline of my build in the graphic below. The final build can be seen in my final stream of the season on October 25th.

BSC News Graphic Outling GoonTrades Block Brawler Build

Renting MOMO NFTs

The initial investment is still a way off from being recouped. But the knowledge and improvement could mean entering the leaderboard soon, which will mean turning a profit soon.

Renting NFTs takes its toll on the starting balance so you are pressured to keep grinding on the leaderboard to turn a profit.  I have a longer-term ambition to purchase the relevant NFTs to potentially reduce overall costs — but those can run around $4,000 for a set of rares.

Again this was only the first week. Tune into the entire series for a better glimpse of what MOBOX’s Block Brawler game has to offer.

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