Minted Vodka – A Highly-Flexible NFT Exchange

The release comes on the heels of the popular Alchemy Toys tool from GAT Network.

Introducing Minted Vodka

After the successful launch of their on-chain board-game “Alchemy Toys” in May, the GAT Network has launched the highly flexible NFT Exchange “Minted Vodka”. Minted Vodka is a place where anybody can trade any ERC721 (NFTs) and ERC20 (coins) assets available on the network, with total flexibility: use any combination of any crypto-asset on any side of a trade – bid or ask. Minted Vodka is integrated with Alchemy Toys to facilitate trading and improve the game dynamics.

Innovative Features

Flexible Deals Engine: Perhaps the most exciting feature, users can trade anything for anything in any combination! This allows other types of trades apart from the usual sales, for example: bundling, swaps, sophisticated bids and counter-offers.

Powerful Search Engine: create complex queries to find exactly what the user is looking for. All the search queries can be saved in a custom queries list, which can be modified, duplicated, shared and used later for even quicker searches.

Flat-fee Trading & Premium Trades: regardless of what you are trading, there are no listing fees only a flat fee on a successful trade: currently 0.014BNB. When using GAT in a deal, no fees are paid at all.

Future Integrations

Minting: a liberal minting concept of “initial minting offering” (IMO) is in development scheduled for release in August 2021, bringing several new deflationary GAT use-cases.

Staking: GAT owners will be able to participate directly in the revenue of the NFT Exchange (all collected fees will flow to either the Alchemy Toys game treasury or MV stakers); scheduled release for July/August 2021.

What is Alchemy Toys?

Alchemy Toys is an NFT Blockchain Game on Binance Smart Chain. The native token $GAT (pre-mined and limited to 1,000,000) is not necessary to play the game but can be staked on the dApp in order to earn $BNB from the game’s treasury. A multitude of other use-cases for GAT are already in development.

Binance is Impressed

Alchemy Toys NFTs served as an example in the latest article on NFTs by the Binance Academy. The unique Toy” NFTs (ERC721) players mint in the game can be traded on any eligible NFT Market as well as Minted Vodka. This marketplace on Binance Smart Chain allows users to trade NFTs and Token in a revolutionary way and with very low flat-fees or even zero fees. Total flexibility: any combination of any crypto-asset on any side of a trade can be used – bid or ask.

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