Minionverse Unveils Free-to-Mint Gaming With the Introduction of 3-to-1 Game

Minionverse introduces free-to-mint gaming to the Web 3 space, releasing three games with one central token.

Three-in-one Play to Earn Game

Minionverse introduces a new genre to the Web3 space in partnership with Fuero Games and Ulti Arena: free-to-mint gaming.

In an announcement on June 3, the play-to-earn gaming protocol stated that the partnership between Fuero Games and Ulti Arena gave rise to three games –  Minionverse Tower Defense, Winions Brawler Arena, and Battle of the Beasts. The entire Minionverse will be operated on the BNB Chain using the same $MIVRS token, and the games will be made available on Android, iOS, and PC. 

Despite the generally negative market sentiment, Minionverse’s in-game currency, $MIVRS, sold out 10,000,000 tokens in a private sale, raising 100,000 USD in 37 minutes.

The protocol promises a price multiplier of 3.25x compared to the launch price for the $MIVRS tokens presale, which will be available from June 28, 14:00 UTC. According to the recent announcement,  a $100 purchase will get you 5,000 $MIVRS, and they will be worth $325 on token launch day on August 25.

BSC News reached out to Minionverse to learn more about the three games, but we didn’t receive an immediate response. 


What is Minionverse: 

Minionverse is the combination of a classic tower defense with a trading card game. On top of those two, there is a third layer: the NFT support and play-to-earn mechanism. Together, they form a unique kind of entertainment: the first free-to-mint game.

Where to find Minionverse:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter

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