MiniBTC – a Rapidly Rising Cryptocurrency Set to Impact the Market

The community-driven project offers automatic liquidity and static dividends for users.

Introducing MiniBTC

MiniBTC is set to transform the crypto world and seeks to become the second BTC; if you missed the BTC opportunity in 2009, here is your chance. The platform has built an ideal environment for users with a charitable focus to benefit children with disabilities.  

This site includes several features and events that will help members earn and grow with the help of MiniBTC. 

What is the Project All About?  

MiniBTC has just received over 5,000 new holders as a result of platform enhancements implemented in the last few days. 

The platform entered the top three gainers in CoinMarketCap for two days in a row, and their investors are so passionate and proud that they even displayed MiniBTC on their cars. And this is not all, as many YouTubers with hundreds of thousands of followers have already spoken about them in various regions of the world.  

Furthermore, the platform’s contract is renounced, implying that it is 100% community-driven, like BTC. The presale session has raised 100% of the liquidity, and it has been locked for 10 years, so it is secure. 

A portion of the trade proceeds (1%) will be directly contributed to charity for underprivileged children. Shortly, the platform intends to collaborate with top-tier organizations such as UNICEF to continue their charity work on a large scale.  

How Does It All Work? 

MiniBTC is a new community-driven DeFi coin on Binance Smart Chain that provides automated liquidity and pays out-static incentives to holders. 

The idea behind the project is designed so that holders receive benefits, and the children get a new source of assistance as the platform performs charity for those in need.  

In the DeFi sector, MiniBTC is fast, has low costs, and is much greener and more convenient.  

Their coin is for sale on Pinksale, and their coin’s 100% liquidity will be blocked there as well. The MiniBTC have issued 21 trillion coins in total, which will be distributed as follows:   

37.1% will be added to the liquidity pool; 

38% will be offered for presale; 

9.9% will be burned; 

5% goes to Airdrop; 

5% to the Team; 

5% to the private sale.  

Final Thoughts 

The platform has several advantages that anyone can enjoy, such as:   

Their smart contracts have a redistribution feature, which means that 5% of all transactions will be given to all currency holders.  

After 9.9% of the overall number of coins have been burned, 5% of the total number will be redistributed for each transaction, and 9.9% will go into the process of burning, reducing the number of coins.  

In addition, 4% of each transaction will contribute to the liquidity pool, 100% of which will be frozen for 10 years.  

MiniBTC is more than just a regular platform; it provides many benefits to its users and encourages them to volunteer for charity. 

They are doing this act of charity to assist children in need as each member of the team is either a father or a mother and they know the struggle that the kids are getting through. 

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