Million Doge Disco Mobile App Offers Users 1,000,000 in DOGE and NFT Rewards

The new augmented reality mobile game looks ready to unite the Doge community with parties, $DOGE rewards, and dancing.

A Global Doge Party

The Million Doge Disco has unveiled their master plan to give away 1 million in $DOGE wrapped in dancing Doge-themed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The Million Doge Disco is a mobile augmented reality game where users collect dancing Doge NFTs that contain Dogecoin. The new Million Doge Disco app is similar to the popular Pokemon GO mobile game, where people walk around their neighborhood or city and collect virtual Pokemon differing in rarity. 


The project’s page notes that the inspiration for the project was to bring positivity and people together through dancing. What’s interesting is the project is currently entirely community-funded with an easy-to-use donation page set up for anyone looking to contribute and help spread positivity.  

How it Works

The project plans to mint and drop 1 million augmented-reality Doge. Following that, users will be able to collect a Doge NFT. The Doge NFT, once collected, will also function similarly to a Tamagotchi, where users can care for their virtual pet to earn prizes. Users will also be able to party with their virtual pet to earn prizes and rewards. 

The Million Doge Disco has introduced “Proof of Partying” where users are incentivized with $DOGE to party with their pet and “Do Only Good Everyday” (DOGE). The goal of the project is to create a giant virtual dance party and wage peace on a global scale. For users looking to participate, every single Saturday night there will be a virtual reality celebration to unite the Doge community. To reserve a ticket, visit their sign-up page. 

What is Million Doge Disco? 

Million Doge Disco is an augmented reality game where users can collect Doge-inspired NFTs and earn real crypto prizes. The team is for the most part currently unknown, but Decrypt reports that Kyle Kemper, the half brother of Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau, is heavily involved in the project. The project is also currently entirely community funded. Million Doge Disco has partnered with BLOCKv, a layer 2 solution built on Ethereum, to build out the best augmented reality game possible. The partnership with BLOCKv also means that NFTs can easily be transferred via the Ethereum network and thus through ETH dApps

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