Mike Tyson Mystery Box Comes to Binance NFT, CZ Takes Notice

Owners of NFTs with platinum and diamond rarities will also receive physical merchandise from the boxing legend.

Mike Tyson’s NFTs Set for Listing

The NFT collection of classy former boxer, Mike Tyson, is ready for sale on the Binance NFT marketplace. The collection comprises 15,000 mystery boxes containing NFTs of various rarities. Each mystery box has a listing price of 44 BUSD. 

The mystery boxes will be listed on Binance NFT at 12:00 UTC on April 5. Ownership of NFTs of rarity levels Platinum and Diamond will also entitle their owners to physical merchandise from Mike Tyson, such as boxing gloves and t-shirts, as well as free airdrops of special edition NFTs. A Twitter Space podcast preceded the event with CZ Binance and Mike Tyson in attendance:

“Get excited folks! @Miketyson, @jeffrhood, @cz_binance, and @HelenHaiyu will be joining us on a Twitter space today to discuss the upcoming Mike Tyson NFT drop on @TheBinanceNFT marketplace on April 5th, 2022,” Binance tweeted on April 4.


Internationally acclaimed NFT artist Henric Aryee created the Mike Tyson NFT collection. The boxing legend warmed up to the mystery box sales with a cryptic message to CZ Binance:

“Hey @cz_binance. I’m coming for you next week, April 5th. You better be there,” Tyson forewarned CZ on April 2.

In response, CZ Binance joined in the banter:

“Woah… will be a true honor to see you. Hope our helpdesk didn’t piss you off or anything, lol,” the Binance Boss replied and added in another tweet, “Always know the agenda before a meeting, right? In this case, particularly important. haha.” 

In his boxing days, no one would dare to annoy Iron Mike Tyson, as he is popularly known. Even now that his active boxing days are over, CZ Binance doesn’t seem willing to vex Tyson’s digital NFT version. You can bet that in an NFT metaverse, Mike Tyson would still pack a punch for which he was so renowned in his heydays.

For more details about the listing of the Mike Tyson Mystery Box collections, visit his Binance NFT sales page.

What is Binance NFT:

Binance NFT is the exchange’s NFT arm that consists of a marketplace, a platform for initial game offering (IGO), and mystery NFT boxes in the BNB Chain ecosystem. The top 10 collections on the platform have witnessed more than $80 million in all-time trade volumes, as per data from Binance. There have been more than 44,000 items sold from these collections on the marketplace.

Where to find Binance NFT:

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