Microcap GameFi YooShi Lands 10 Top Most Mentioned NFTs

A microcap gamefi project has become one of the most mentioned NFT projects on Twitter. So why is this meme token becoming so popular?

Talking Bout YooShi

The GameFi project YooShi has broken into the top 10 most mentioned Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects according to data collated by NFTDaily. This places it amongst some fairly prestigious company, including Axie InfinityTezos and Rarible

It’s a win for the microcap meme project which seems to now be punching above its weight in a breakthrough event. The success may be thanks to the release of the YooShi GamePad, an IDO launch platform which allows gamefi projects to sell NFTs as a means of crowdfunding. YooShi now has over 200k token holders, over 100k Twitter followers, and hopes to join the Binance MVB III program.

“YooShi hopes to help more independent gaming developers and blockchain gaming entrepreneurs embark on a journey of exploration in blockchain gaming field through supporting on technology and experience accumulated in GameFi!” revealed YooShi in blog last month.

Beyond the IDO launchpad the project has a number of other features which may contribute to its current level of appreciation and success. The YooShi metaverse comprises the IDO Gamepad, NFT yield farming and gamefi ‘play to earn’. It seems that this combination of attributes is proving popular with crypto Twitter.

The YooShi Metaverse

More on YooShi

YooShi recently conducted an AMA on August 20th at 10 AM UTC. For anyone interested in finding out more about YooShi, the community discussion starts here. Yooshi Vincent joined to answer questions and offer transparency for the Yooshi community. 

The Telegram discussion went into detail about the Yooshi 2.0 update. The Yooshi update looks to make the entire Yooshi system healthier. The update plans to boost the yield farms, upgrade the mining systems, and fortify the NFTs in as many ways as possible.

“YooShi has changed from a simple project to a comprehensive GameFi platform. More projects will be incubated in the future, and more users will pay attention to YooShi,” said Vincent, self-described $Yooshi Lover and Hodler. “As one of the head platforms of GameFi, we are obliged to take our loyal community members to enjoy it.”

YooShi has a big vision for the GameFi world with its launchpad platform. They are still very early to the scene, but as GameFi continues to grab hold of market share, the power of Yooshi could become more valuable. 


About Yooshi

YooShi is a token on Binance Smart Chain boasting various impressive features. Designed with a burning mechanism, the total circulating supply of YooShi will be exponentially cut. Besides, by combining the burning mechanism, innovative Auto-Liquidity function, and NFTs, YooShi liquidity increases rapidly. One of the most essential features of YooShi is that it practices a large-scale decentralization which is rare for other tokens. By mixing these three features, users can create a powerhouse token out of the hands of anyone.

Where to Find Yooshi:

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