Micro-Cap Tokens on Binance Smart Chain Post 1000%+ 7 Day Gains As Market Bounces

FTV, VIBRA, and KKI recorded huge gains in the past week, highlighting the recent surge of low-capped coins on Binance Smart Chain.

Top Three Micro-Cap Tokens in the BSC Ecosystem 

The market has been fluctuating recently, which is normal for the cryptosphere. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) micro-cap tokens seem to be on the positive end of price fluctuations, with most having experienced a bullish run. Let’s dive into three microcap tokens that have seen considerable growth during these fluctuations: FTV, VIBRA, and KKI.

Futorov Governance Token (FTV)

According to data from the BSC News price aggregator – BSC Tools –  FTV gained 4776.61% in the last week. Futorov is a community-owned multi-media entertainment aggregator with a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) hub that brings the entire crypto features all in one place. The $FTV token is currently obtaining licenses to watch every streamable platform globally like Netflix, Amazon, and the likes. This will make entertainment easy as users will pay for streaming using the $FTV token directly on the Futurov platform. As mainline streaming services battle for users, streaming hubs like Futurov are the future of streaming. 


The protocol also announced on Twitter that there would be a relaunch on July 15th which will feature a rebranded website, superior tokenomics, and liquidity. 

Vibraniums (VIBRA) 

Like the FTV token, Vibra showed massive growth, increasing by 4208% in the last seven days. With a solid vision to be the front page of BSC NFTs, Vibraniums is one of the most capable community-owned NFT marketplaces on Binance Smart Chain. 


The VIBRA token allows creators and members of its platform to take part in the development of its protocol. The Vibraniums community recently recorded a new milestone as it reached 1,000 votes on Coinscope to obtain the Gold Shark Badge. The protocol was Tweeted on June 24th by influencer CryptoGON encouraging users to invest. Fast forward to the time of this writing and it has registered massive gains for those who invested.

Kawakami Finance (KKI) 

Community-driven charity token, KKI is the third-highest performer on BSC, moving up by 1420.84%, according to BSC News’ 7-day price chart. Since its CoinMarketCap listing on June 21st, the token has gained considerable momentum. According to its Twitter report, the token became the top gainer on CMC the same day of listing. 


Last Words 

The recent statistics show that BSC micro-cap tokens are performing well for users looking to maximize their profit. As always, BSC News encourages readers to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before purchasing a new token.

Source : bsc.news

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