Metaverse with MetaCities Goes Live with Dvision World

The team has made good on its launch date and the features currently available offer intrigue.

Dvision World Launched 

The blockchain-based NFT metaverse has officially dropped, and users have been treated to several aspects of the intriguing world constructed by Dvision. 

The launch was made official on November 1st 06:00 UTC, as confirmed by Dvision’s Medium page on the same day. The initial launch saw limited access to what will become the entire metaverse, but there seemed to be enough to grip users. 

“The Dvision World will eventually connect 20 different cities through the Central Warp Tower, where each Meta-City will be introduced one by one in a gradual manner,” the team explained via the Medium announcement on November 1st. “In the initial phase, Dvision World will contain a fixed amount of diverse content, but it will keep gradually adding more and more interactive and engaging pieces of content.”

Users will, of course, be looking forward to unadulterated access to the entire metaverse on offer by Dvision. Still, there appears to have been a positive reaction by plenty of those who have been in attendance. 

“We all can see only good and great vibes here. Such projects are highly appreciated and productive for the next future time, keep going #crypto_rule,” Twitter user Glenn Maxwell tweeted.

What Was on Show?

Those that did enter were able to visit the following parts of the metaverse:

Gallery (The NFT Art Exhibition opened by the renowned digital artist)

EXPO Hall (The Binance Smart Chain 1st Anniversary Hall)

Squid Game Survival Zone (Red Light & Green Light and Tempered Glass)

The FKI House (Federation of Korean Industries)

The Ferris Wheel (The highest point available in Dvision World)

The Monorail (The public transport available within Dvision World)

Source: The Gallery

What is Still to Come?

Dvision’s ambitions are indeed huge, and they are nowhere better exemplified than in the list of what is still on its way for its universe:

Dvision PR Center ( Overall introduction to Dvision Network)

A Baseball Field ( The LIVE Streaming of the baseball matches)

The Soccer Field ( The LIVE Streaming of the football matches)

A Car Racing Track ( It’s a stadium where you can race with your own rides)

Department Store (The commercial site, where users can purchase real items with the delivery)

Concert Hall (A site where different famous artists will be performing)

Academy (The education site, where users can learn blockchain-related stuff)

VIP Village (The Partners & VIPs Village)

Studio (The place where you can produce different NFT items)

LAND Market (The place where users can demonstrate/sell/purchase their LAND)

Warp Tower ( The portal which can teleport you to different Meta-Cities)

The project appears to be building something in the metaverse for just about everyone. From sports to music to a marketplace, there will truly be something for everyone in the Metaverse!

Source: The Monorail

What is Dvision?

Built on BSC, the Dvision network describes itself as a blockchain-based metaverse, where all are welcome to create their own avatars and navigate a virtual system where nothing is impossible. Games, events, and even fairs are common features that people can enjoy.  The Binance Smart Chain 1st anniversary metaverse is another in a long list of successful events that have been appreciated and experienced. 

Users are invited to construct their own NFTs without any prior expertise in development and offered a decentralized exchange where those NFTs can be sold and bought, creating a revenue stream. The DVI utility token is powered by the platform and trades on several major centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

Where to find Dvision:

Website Twitter Telegram Medium 

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