Metaverse Social Hub “Dream Idols” Concludes First Concert; Crowns Trainee “Carmen” as Winner

Dream Idol’s C-stage concert saw trainee Carmen crowned the winner by Dream Idols’ fans.

Dream Idols’ long-awaited C-Stage concert premiered on March 24th on both VR and Web2 streaming platforms to the delight of hundreds of fans. The concert featured the official debut of VR idol, “Andal” and the team’s first single, “Ruby Crown”.
However, it was Dream Idol’s trainee, Carmen, who stole the show, winning the hearts of Dream Idols fans everywhere. The Dream Idols project, which prides itself on its unique fan-token economics and DAO governance, left it up to the fans to determine who would win the C-Stage concert. 

“I am beyond thrilled to have won the C-Stage concert,” Carmen said in a statement. “I have been training with the Dream Idols team for so many months now, and I am so grateful for all the support and guidance they and the community have given me.”

Dream Idols has become a household name in the metaverse industry and has partnered up with fellow industry giants such as BNB ChainX World GamesBSC News, and Ivy Market to present the C-Stage concert to its fans.

The Dream Idols team also struck up partnerships with Horizon LandBlockchainSpaceSecondLiveNFTbMetaverseGoBityardMones, and Gafin. These partnerships have helped the Dream Idols project flourish, leading to an inevitably successful future for all projects involved. 

Dream Idols’ Chief Builder, 0xMove, was on site with the team behind the scenes helping to make the concert run smoothly. After the conclusion, 0xMove had this to say:

“We are incredibly proud of Carmen and all the hard work she has put into her Dream Idols career,” said 0xMove. “She is a shining example of the talent and dedication that our project aims to cultivate with all of our trainees.”

Carmen’s win at the C-Stage concert is just the beginning of what promises to be a bright future for the young trainee. Preparations have already begun for the B-Stage concert premiere, where Carmen will compete again against new trainees.

“I was so excited even to be selected as a trainee, but to win C-Stage as well is an even bigger delight,” Carmen said. “I promise my fans that I still have so much more to show for my B-Stage debut, so I hope they continue to support me!”

With the support of so many Dream Idol fans behind her, Carmen is sure to continue making waves in the Web3 entertainment industry in the months leading up to B-Stage.

In the meantime, the Dream Idols project will continue to find more talent to cultivate for their next highly anticipated concert.

About Dream Idols

Dream Idols is a decentralized metaverse entertainment hub that is revolutionizing the Idol & Fan economy.

Founded in 2021, Dream Idols aims to provide fans with an immersive concert-grade experience by developing an integrated WEB3 entertainment VR solution. By adopting some of the latest technologies, such as edge computing, and motion capture, to establish a series of FanFi DApps: FANS, ROOM & SHOW. Dream Idols’ social will be governed by a DAO (“Decentralized Autonomous Organization”), ensuring a fair and transparent fan community platform.

Dream Idols is incubated by X World Games, one of the leading GameFi ecosystems, and has over 20+ members across five global regions and different industries.

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