Metaverse Miner Maintains Solid P2E Userbase

The protocol has maintained its status as one of the leading gaming platforms with a solid userbase on BNB Chain.

PlayToEarn Underdog on BNB Chain 

When discussing the PlayToEarn (P2E) GameFi space on BNB Chain, we look at projects like Bomb Crypto, MOBOX, XWorld Games, etc. However, Metaverse Miner has been consistent on DappRadar’s BNB Chain GameFi charts. 

The Non-fungible Token (NFT) GameFi project has maintained its place in the top ten list on DappRadar for over 30 days and has not shown any signs of receding. In addition, the protocol’s official Twitter page shared a post on March 3, revealing its status as one of the top blockchain games with the highest trading volume in the last seven days. 

From DappRadar’s statistics, the NFT game has a trading volume of over $27Million, representing its solid P2E userbase on BNB Chain. The project, built on a solid NFT foundation, is doing well in the GameFi space. 


BNB Master, a platform for the latest news and data analytics for projects building on BNB Chain, announced active users’ top 10 low capped gaming tokens on March 1. From the Twitter announcement, Metaverse Miner’s native $META token was ranked fifth in the curated list of tokens. $META is up by 7.64% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap

With over 20K active users in the past month, Metaverse Miner is a solid gaming project on BNB Chain. Additionally, the protocol’s consistency in DappRadar’s rankings is evidence of its progress. 

What is Metaverse Miner? 

Metaverse Miner is a blockchain GameFi plus NFT based on the “Dual Circulation” ecosystem. It is an innovative and open metaverse gaming platform built on the $META token, which drives the ecosystem. 

Three core assets back the Metaverse Miner ecosystem: $META tokens, Planet NFT, and Miner NFT. The native token can be used for many purposes, including governance and development of the protocol. The Planet NFTs are rare and can be used to generate Miner NFTs. 

Refer to the following links to learn about the Metaverse Miner ecosystem: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium 

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