Metaverse GameFi Tour AQUANEE Internal Test Started

Participating users are eligible for token and NFT incentives from the AQUANEE project.

What is AQUANEE?

AQUANEE is a game world inspired by sea creatures. In this world, any player can incubate their pet AQUA and earn replacement tokens for their skill in the game and contributions to ecology.

AQUA can explore the world on its own or in groups to conquer territory. Players can fight each other in different season tournaments and join guilds for adventures. They can receive rewards including Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets, tokens, and times of exploration.

Steal the Force of other players

These rewards can be earned by completing quests in the game, randomly entering PVE and PVP combat modes, or directly collecting. 

The game has also  been upgraded on top of the basic gameplay. In addition to PVP/PVE, GVG guild battles and Tours have been added to increase the social nature of the game.

Combat with the BOSS

Developmental Progress

The AQUANEE game development team has experience in developing and publishing top online games. After a long time of preparation, the game has fully developed graphics and rich gameplay according to the team.

AQUA goes to travel

AQUANEE consistently engages with the community at an early stage to further improve the game experience. AQUANEE’s games will now be open to avid players in the crypto and gaming industry. Users will have an early chance to play as well as a chance to win lucrative beta rewards.

AQUA pet brings something back after traveling

Internal Game Testing Process

1.Fill out this form to obtain a whitelist position.

2.After receiving the invitation email, download the MetaMask wallet browser plug-in, configure the BSC test network RPC settings, and claim the test BNB at this address.

3. Log in to the official website of the game with the test wallet address to register and bind your own email account.

4. After registration, you will receive AQDC test tokens within 24 hours, which can be used to purchase AQUA pets and NFT ornaments.

5. Go to the Marketplace and buy an NFT blind box. An hour after it’s taken apart, AQUA will hatch.

6. Download the game and download link for internal test (now supporting android and Windows for experience).

7. After logging in, players can experience the game’s open combat, cultivation, exploration and other functions.

8. Please take screenshots or record pictures during the game. If you have any questions during the process of testing the game experience and features, please submit them in the Discord community.

Participation Requirements for Internal Testing Activities

Time Frame: January 11-January 31

1. Complete the above process to experience the open function of the game. Record footage or pictures of the game and post them on Twitter tagging the official account @Aquaneee.

2. Join the official AQUANEEE Telegram and Discord communities

3. Post Twitter video screenshots.

4. Inviting other friends into the Discord community increases your reward ranking

Game Rewards

AQDC Token Rewards

There are 5 first place winners corresponding to the IDO price of 2000U equivalent in AQDC tokens

There are 50 second place winners corresponding to the IDO price of 500U equivalent in AQDC tokens

There are 200 third place winners corresponding to the IDO price of 100U equivalent in AQDC tokens

Welfare prize: 10 AQDC tokens will be airdropped to all who meet the requirements (the AQUANEE officials will check and confirm that they are real users)

The first, second and third prizes were ranked using 50% of the number of Discord invites and 50% of the number of video game retweets on Twitter.

AQUA NFT Rewards

During the campaign, all users who complete the basic requirements will be given 4 AQUA NFT lucky draws, once every 5 days, for a total of 50 NFT blind boxes per draw

Your Discord level needs to be at or above level 8 and your Twitter needs to post recorded videos of the game to receive rewards. The draw will be held in the official AQUANEE Discord community.

The game’s internal beta is the first time the game is open to players. AQUANEE is committed to providing an engaging gaming experience and helping players earn rewards within their games.

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