Metatime – a Social and Financial Product by DSG

The SocialFi platform serves as a place for elevated cryptocurrency discussion with financial integrations to incentivize holders and users.

What is Metatime? 

Metatime is a core product of the Dinosaur Eggs (DSG) ecosystem. It is a social and financial product (SocialFi) aiming to provide quality content to crypto industry users, according to their Medium blog. The platform is a high-quality content community based on $TIME and $MATTER, aiming to encourage people to cherish time and create value for their time. 

In order to use Metatime, users must create a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) avatar. This can be done by purchasing a DSG NFT drawing board using DSG Avatar Fragments (DSGAF) which can be acquired here. Once an avatar is created, users can then come up with their username and enter the world of Metatime.


Metatime Plus DSG Explained 

Similar to DSG, Metatime is also deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet. Metatime serves as the core product of the DSG metaverse. Metatime has a feature known as a TIME-billing-while-reading model, with a total of ten thousand trillion $TIME tokens. As the name implies, users pay for their time on Metatime according to their website. Users can acquire $TIME by exchanging DSG tokens.

$TIME is used to measure the reading costs of users on Metatime, and it uses smart contracts to make everyone’s reading $TIME go to the following places: Content creators; TIME staking users; and DAO. Anyone who wants to browse content must pay the same amount of $TIME. 

Metatime on DSG allows users to stake $TIME and earn both TIME and DSG tokens with high APRs. With Metatime, DSG hopes to build a world with a decentralized identity system and a decentralized value system.

Metatime will be of great importance for DSG Swap and its incoming GameFi platform. The GameFi platform will give Metatime and DSG SWAP users a chance to experience different roles and civilizations using a single digital identity. 

Metatime Token Economics 

$TIME – Tokens and Consumption Tokens 

Content consumers pay $TIME to read. 

Content creators win $TIME rewards. 

$TIME staking and $TIME liquidity exchange for $TIME rewards. 

Encourage premium content and discourage junk content. 

$MATTER – Work Tokens 

Users’ social contributions will win them $MATTER as rewards. 

They are used to mint reputation NFTs. 

Tribe feature. 


Recent Metatime News

After its Beta launch on December 27th, 2021, Metatime has continued to make additions to its platform. On January 1st, 2022, it was revealed that the Metatime Search function had been updated, as well as its Explore function.

The Metatime team also reached out to holders of BAYC and MAYC NFTs on the 1st, encouraging them to leave their NFT token IDs in a comment. These IDs will be used to create the next generation of NFT avatars in the metaverse.

Users who leave their NFT IDs will also receive a 1:1 METAYC NFT, an exclusive ‘mutant’ avatar. 

DSG Roadmap

After a successful launch, DSG is in the last quarter of its development on BSC. According to the protocol’s Medium blog post on October 28th, DSG will launch a new NFT series, add more liquidity pool partners, and introduce a GameFi platform. Here are some of the specific integrations on the DSG roadmap. 

Beta version of Dinosaur eggs social platform — by the end of November

Social product avatar NFT minting and distribution — early November

Dinosaur egg ecosystem task system — early November

The first cross-chain cooperation project launch, and the dinosaur eggs ecosystem was expanded to the new public chain — by the end of October

GameFi platform launch- at the end of December

Completion of the second audit — late November

More applications and demand scenarios for vDSG and DSG

Launch of new NFT series with hard function

More liquidity pool partners

Final Thoughts 

DSG and Metatime propose the provision of a multiple use-case ecosystem. With the GameFi platform in the works, the team has made strides towards more utility. The leveraging of blockchain for a social media platform in Metatime also adds another layer of depth to the platform.

For more information about Metatime and DSG, visit the following pages:











Source: BSC News

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