MetaMask Users Find Trouble With Ledger Support on Chrome Extension

The latest version of Google’s Chrome (91) browser has broken the ledger integration with MetaMask.

Google Update Causes Accessibility Problems

Google released the latest version of their Chrome browser on May 25, 2021, which caused disruptions in the DeFi world. The update removed essential authentication methods necessary for ledger connection and left many without access to their wallets. The next version of MetaMask is expected to arrive any day now with the necessary fixes.

The MetaMask team acknowledged the ledger break on May 26 through their Twitter account. The tweet suggested users try linking on another browser like Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. MetaMask Support provided further communication in their MetaMask Community Forums. The support team clarified that Google removed support for Universal 2nd Factor connections that are primary to interact with crypto ledgers.

Metamask issued a brief workaround on May 27 in their 9.5.6 update. This workaround went through Ledger Live as a proxy, however, it was disabled in their 9.5.7 update the following day. Dan Finlay, a Lead Developer for the ledger, confirmed that developers are working to find a fix for the Chrome issue “by the end of the week.” 

As of writing, no update has been issued by Metamask. Pay attention to the MetaMask Twitter page as well as their Community Forum to catch any immediate updates regarding the situation.

Notes and Advice for Users

The new update, albeit annoying, presented users a variety of creative fixes. One way is for users to prevent the Chrome update or re-install Chrome 90. However, every Chrome update is supposed to increase security so users are not advised to downgrade their Chrome Browser. Support from the MetaMask Community Forum came through Finlay’s comments. He presented users with three workarounds:

Use another web3 wallet with Ledger support (Brave,

Load your ledger seed phrase or account private key into MetaMask directly (compromises some security).

Use the Ledger Live app to transfer the needed assets to a “hot” MetaMask account for use without a hardware wallet.

The update came as a surprise to many as the errors have continued through the weekend. Users on different online communities like Reddit and Twitter reported an inability to access or trade funds through the ledger as well as seeing different information from the mobile app to the browser. This broken ledger has affected a large portion of the Solana and Fantom community as well. Additional comments suggest that Firefox still has issues and that the Brave Browser is preferred. There are also reports of suspicious phishing and hacks within the ledger. 

The incident left some users seeking better security options beyond both MetaMask and Chrome. The latest Chrome update is a reminder to all crypto investors of the precarious nature of the DeFi world. Users must be able to engage securely on the ledgers and platforms they use. Nevertheless, they also should be prepared to handle the risks of working and investing in the new developing web 3.0. 

About MetaMask

MetaMask is an Ethereum digital wallet designed in 2016 by Consensys. Metamask provides a friendly interface that bridges various web browsers with decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. It is quickly becoming one of the most convenient gateways to the decentralized web. The platform is now used by more than 5 million users per month, up from 1million in October 2020.

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