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BSCDaily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today? 

Naidu Mallikarjuna: Hi, my name is Mallikarjuna Naidu. I am the CEO of Asva labs. Thank you for allowing me to present Asva Labs. I am glad to answer all your questions. I’m doing well, thanks for asking.

How are you?

BSCDaily Admin: We are doing great as well, thanks for asking.

Shall we start the AMA with Metalaunch?

Naidu Mallikarjuna: Yeah sure.

Q1: Metaverse is more than a buzzword now. There are multiple projects popping up every other week with some interesting value propositions. Asva Labs is touted as an ecosystem dedicated to the metaverse. How do you plan to add value to the next-gen internet?

Naidu Mallikarjuna: Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a unified finance infrastructure to catalyze the metaverse economy. We offer a suite of MetaFi applications that maximizes the productivity of virtual assets and makes the metaverse accessible to all.

Q2: How does MetaLaunch, the premier product from Asva Labs, stand apart from other launchpads?

Naidu Mallikarjuna: MetaLaunch powered by asva labs is the first-ever multi-chain metaverse launchpad and accelerator that delivers strategic growth frameworks to fuel virtual world and gaming economies. The platform focuses beyond fundraising to help carefully vetted start-ups with unique visions scale to their full potential and thrive in the long run. Projects can seek advisory and marketing assistance from the team during pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases.

Q3: Please introduce us to the other products in the ecosystem.

Naidu Mallikarjuna: In addition to MetaLaunch, Asvaverse features MetaFi DeFi use cases, a virtual marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations.

MetaFi DeFi Vault is a premier multi-chain yield aggregator that bridges the gap between the metaverse and DeFi. The platform is designed to maximize passive income opportunities on listed tokens. It offers staking and yield farming from one unified interface. One of the key features of the platform will be NFT farming. Leveraging the principles of Web3 and decentralization, it gives financial power back to people.

Asva metaverse marketplace offers INOs and auctions to help projects liquidate their assets with ease and stir engagement in the community. It hosts sales of virtual assets, in-game assets, and special NFT drops aggregated from play-to-earn, play-to-collaborate, virtual world, and other metaverse projects.

We address the infeasibility of P2E platforms with play-to-earn guild. The system empowers players to come together and take on new challenges in the P2E realm.

Q4: We heard that Asva Labs has some gamified features in the pipeline. Is that true? What can we expect?

Naidu Mallikarjuna: of course Metaverse is an enticing realm. Staying true to its fun spirit, Asva Labs integrates gamified elements into the ecosystem. This includes NFT farming, tiered allocation of IDOs and INOs, MetaLaunch mystery boxes, play-to-earn guild, and more. We are truly bringing gamification features to communities.

Q5: Please tell us about yourself and the rest of the team.

Naidu Mallikarjuna: I am Mallikarjuna Naidu, the CEO of Asva Labs. I started exploring crypto back in 2017 and became an investor in some of the leading crypto projects. That hands-on experience with how profitable the industry can be, made me a crypto evangelist. Over the years, I have worked in growth and marketing roles for multiple projects. By mid-2020, DeFi was a global phenomenon. However, there were some missing points in the industry that had to be critically addressed if it were to go mainstream.

That was how the idea for Asva Labs kicked in. Soon, we brought together a strong team who could augment its ambitious vision; a group of professionals from diverse sectors united by their love for blockchain technology and crypto.

Q6: Asva Labs has locked in some interesting partnerships. Which are they and how important is collaboration in the metaverse according to you?

Naidu Mallikarjuna: As part of expanding our product features and functionalities, we have joined forces with some of the top-tier projects in the industry.

Q7: What is the road ahead for Asva Labs?

Naidu Mallikarjuna: It’s been an eventful journey for Asva Labs so far. As we cross new milestones, our vision has become sharper and stronger. Our objectives and strategies have evolved to reflect the shift in the industry and this roadmap will give you a peek into what that is going to look like in the coming months.

Q8: ASVA IDO is fast-approaching. Introduce us to the token! What utilities does it serve in the ecosystem?

Naidu Mallikarjuna: Yes, and we are super excited about Our ID0 launch. Our team is working on taking the news across the crypto community.

$ASVA tokenomics has been strategically designed to nurture the long-term growth and sustainability of the ecosystem.

The utilities of $ASVA token will constitute Facilitating native token staking incentives, governance, access to IDO and INO deals on launchpad, metaverse marketplace and payments.

Here are our Asva IDO launch highlights.

BSCDaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Metalaunch 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Naidu Mallikarjuna: Thank you for having me over, BSC daily! I had a great time talking to the community.

We have a lot more updates and announcements coming in the next few days. Make sure you are in the loop. Here are the links to our websites and social media pages:


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BSCDaily Admin: Thank you for being here with the bsc_daily community!

Good luck with the journey ahead to ASVA labs!





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