MetaHero Gears Up for $10 Million Airdrop of $HERO Tokens

MetaHero and its holders brace for the largest airdrop in crypto history.

Biggest Airdrop Ever

MetaHero has announced the biggest crypto airdrop in history. Alongside ushering in new tokenomics, MetaHero will distribute 67 million $HERO tokens, or roughly $10 million USD. 

The massive airdrop comes on the back of the reorganization that’s going on at MetaHero, as stated by the team’s blog post from September 17. The team is reshaping to position itself for listing on the top crypto exchanges in the world. The reshaping will drop transaction fees on the platform to zero with plans to make $HERO a utility token.

“We’re making our airdrop even more epic by upping it to $10,000,000! The date has been pushed to Sept. 30 to allow us to execute the biggest HERO marketing campaign so far,” tweeted MetaHero on September 19. 

The campaign signals a new chapter for MetaHero. The token has seen rapid growth since launching, and the team hopes that a revamped tokenomics and the elimination of fees will propel the project forward. The V3 of their feature project, the MetaScanner, debuted in Dubai on September 25. 


Airdrop Details

The campaign looks to reward the loyal HERO token hodlers and incentivize new blood to join the cause. The fee rearrangement opens the door for MetaHero to reward its holders with the HERO tokens they must withdraw.

Users will need to have 5000 HERO tokens or the equivalent of around $500 USD invested. HERO is currently trading at $0.1015, per CoinMarketCap

Hodlers will receive a proportional airdrop relative to their holdings. Any sale of HERO tokens will void an eligible hodler from receiving the drop. A final snapshot will be taken on the 30th (time not specified) to determine who is qualified.

About MetaHero

Metahero began in early 2021 with a $10 Million self-fund from founder Robert Gryn. The mission is to take crypto to the next level by introducing the concept of MetaScanning, which they hope will become an everyday part of the metaverse. Metahero works with 3D scanning and modeling technology that generates ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual items to be used across games, VR, social media, and online fashion. This tech also allows for the creation of NFTs from real-world works of art and collectibles.

Where to find MetaHero:

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