METAGENE Announces Private Sale

The incubator-launchpad has officially opened the doors to its universe by launching its Private Sale, participation in which will allow every investor to join the upcoming IDO.

Introducing METAGENE

METAGENE’s primary focus is to incubate and host IDOs that create their own meta-universes and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects. For a closer look at the team and the project, watch the video on the METAGENE YouTube channel

It’s important to note METAGENE’s contribution to the entire cryptocurrency community, as the project team also audits and advises others to ensure the successful launch of each product.

METAGENE is equally attentive to all aspects of the project, deploying a marketing campaign on Time alone. The $GENE project token will be launched on the BNB Chain network, and the smart contract will be audited by CertiK


Project Details

An integral part of METAGENE are cyborgs, whose presence has contributed to a unique system of six tiers, each with different benefits and distribution sizes. Anyone can purchase one of the tiers; you can learn more about each on the registration page on the project’s official website.

The METAGENE ecosystem itself, the tokenomics and the exclusive staking system for $GENE token holders are worthy of attention from investors. Learn more about each section on the website.

Become an Early Adopter


The official METAGENE website is now hosting a Private Sale that gives all those interested a chance to invest into the project early. METAGENE uses its native token $GENE that was built for BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain). METAGENE to buy into the project at six different levels of exposure known as Tiers. The higher the tier, the greater the ROI. You can learn more about the tier system on the Private Sale registration page here or contact tech support via the METAGENE socials.

For more information about METAGENE, visit the following links:



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