MetaForce Comics to Launch Comic Book Series Based on Alien Worlds Metaverse

Alien Worlds Missions recently ventured to Binance Smart Chain, now Alien Worlds is coming to print thanks to MetaForce.

From Metaverse to Print

Alien Worlds has been busy of late, developing its metaverse and rolling out missions which have seen the company venturing to Binance Smart Chain. The company is now exploring new horizons as it teams up with MetaForce comics, to bring Alien Worlds to print.

The collaboration promises to incorporate the lore of the Alien Worlds metaverse into a compelling new storytelling concept.

MetaForce is a comic brand that publishes works on the Wax blockchain. To ensure a whitelisting place for the comics, players will need complete activities in the game itself.

“Don’t forget to get out there and mine in @AlienWorlds,” said MetaForce in a tweet earlier this month. “Collecting the promos will be the only way to get on the presale whitelist.”

A sneak preview of what users can expect from Alien Worlds comic book line (Source)

For a company that is aligning itself with the metaverse, a comic book line may seem to be a little bit of a throwback. MetaForce is not a traditional comic book company, however. Unlike regular comic books, the Alien Worlds line be created as NFTs with limited rarity. A total of 2,000 comics will be made available, with 1,750 allocated as mining rewards within the Alien Worlds game, and 250 to be distributed by MetaForce.

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