MetaFighter – The First Metaverse NFT Based Fighting Game

MetaFighter is a skill-based Play-to-Make NFT fighting game that maintains the essence of traditional arcade fighting games while also allowing you to earn passive income while having fun.


MetaFighter is a metaverse chock-full of NFT Arenas where fighters may participate. The Arena’s regulations are set by the people who own it. To participate in a specific arena, the combatants, who are also NFTs, may need to be of a certain level.

MetaFighter takes the best of arcade combat and places it on the blockchain, where the fast-paced, skillful action may lead to real-world rewards.

MetaFighter’s community will be able to profit while playing the finest beat ’em up action on the blockchain by earning $MFtokens through skill, leveling up NFT Fighters for trading, or investing in battle arenas.

MetaFighter has the potential to be the game that puts blockchain gaming on the map. The finest digital combat tournament the world has ever seen will be built on a strong economy, simple onboarding, and, of course, excellent gameplay.


MetaFighter allows players to participate in frenzied, fast-paced arcade-style fighting while also earning $MF tokens, purchasing or earning MetaFighter NFTs to unlock features, and leveling up their characters. Players will be able to trade fighters, skins, equipment, and arenas in the in-game marketplace as they seek to level up their character to compete with the best, add a bit of custom and unique individuality to their favorite fighter, or make a profit by skilling up fighters for newer players to pick up and play. Because of the NFT component, players will have complete control over their characters. They’ll also be able to lend their fighter to more active gamers and profit from the borrower’s combat exploits.

The Fight Token Economy

The Fight-to-Earn mode is active in the core economy. Before each battle, players will be able to gamble $MF tokens and put their money where their abilities are. Long-time fighters will be able to uncover genuine value via their abilities, and even if their skills are a bit less, passionate grinders will be able to level up fighters before putting them on the market. Matchmaking will take care to guarantee that players are matched fairly and that each player has a chance to win when they enter the arena.

Metaverse Vision of MetaFighter

Fan-groups and bigger investors will be able to purchase NFT Arenas in the game to hold their own special events and post advertising on the hoardings in the backdrop of the gamespace, as the blockchain’s top arcade fighting game and a robust economy that rewards players as a consequence.

The opportunity to participate in regular online tournaments, pick-up games, and earn money for each fighter and user has the potential to boost motivation in an already devoted gaming community and propel it to new heights.

Project Roadmap (Highlight that Demo Game is releasing in May 2022)

MetaFighter is rapidly expanding and has reached key milestones in its Roadmap. The team intends to conquer the advanced basic fighting game types as the next milestone. In May 2022, the demo version will be released.

Q3 2021

Market research

Team acquiring and build up

Evaluating game concepts and mechanics, coding architecture

First fighter art NFT drafts

Fighter concept (balancing of attributes, skills, AI concept)

Brand research, evaluation and planning (mockup of promotion materials & website)

Blockchain use cases evaluation 

Q4 2021

Launch website and social media channels

Whitepaper and pitch deck finalization

First NFT fighter arts created (2D)

Main story and lore finalization

Game concept finalization

Smart contract development / CI configuration and deployment

Finalizing and documentation high level of Game Coding architecture

Q1 2022

Smart contracts audit and deployment

Token generation event

Token listing on DEX

Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

NFT fighter minting and selling event

Battle and online coding (first battle prototype)

UI Integration and first version release

World map and first fighting arena release

Blockchain in-game integration (token and NFT)

Staking platform release 

Q2 2022

Fighter details page and NFT management tool

NFT marketplace beta release

Onboarding partners and sponsorships for special events/tournaments

Influencer marketing

Online battle coding and multiplayer server balancing

Improved animation of fighters and special effects 

Q3 2022

Beta Game release and community testing (advanced basic fighting game modes)

Bug fixing

Closing sponsorships and advertising game components

Improved online battle coding and multiplayer server balancing

Improved online battle coding (all screens, NFT part integration, FX work)

New fighter character NFTs and arena locations 

Q4 2022

Full game release

Special event and tournaments

Improved online battle coding (all screens, NFT part integration, FX work)

New Fighter chars and NFT and Arena location (total of 20 fighters & 10 Arenas)QA: polishing, optimizing, and bug fixing 

MF Token Utilities

It is not necessary to have $MF in order to play the game. MetaFighter will allow all users to participate in MetaFighter’s fight without requiring any crypto assets to begin. However, $MF is what makes the MetaFighter universe so exciting to be in and allows you to really appreciate the metaverse.

MF Token Utilities

In game, $MF has four major uses.

Fight to Earn: In Fight to Earn mode, players may bet on their own talent and earn $MF tokens by defeating their opponents in single combat. This will be the primary means through which gamers may profit from their abilities in the actual world. $MF tokens will also be utilized to enter tournaments and compete for the possibility to win big rewards by being the best and winning the title.

Holding $MF will increase the amount of EXP earned in Fight to Earn mode, and $MF may also be won by accomplishing certain accomplishments in the game, allowing players to get $MF without having to purchase it.

On the MetaFighter marketplace, $MF may be spent to purchase Fighter NFTs, skins, superpowers, and arenas.

Holders of $MF get involved in the game’s development and are included in governance decisions on new features, add-ons, and content. The $MF can be used as a currency, a stake, or an investment.

$MF will be the heart and soul of MetaFighter’s vibrant secondary market. In Fight to Earn mode, players will utilize $MF to purchase into tournaments and place wagers – the game’s principal source of individual player earnings. $MF unlocks the MetaFighter Season Pass and may be used to purchase any item in the game from other players, including Fighter NFTs, skins, superpowers, and more.

Additionally, possessing any quantity of $MF, even if not staked, enables users to participate in community governance and enters them into random lottery drawings. New characters, seasonal challenges, venues, skins, and much more will be up for voting by the community.

The top 500 players will be accepted into the MetaFighter sanctum to help build their own fighters, and the top three will be invited into the worldwide leaderboard as a door to prizes.

Staking, on the other hand, and becoming a liquidity provider are both highly rewarded. Those who want to put their $MF on the line will receive:

New fighter NFTs

In-game assets

Staking reward paid in $MF token from providing to the liquidity pool.

Listing and Win a Tesla Contest

MetaFighter’s TGE and subsequent PancakeSwap listing are just days away. Their dedicated community and the general public will be able to purchase $MF, MetaFighter’s native currency, on Thursday, April 14th at 4 p.m. UTC.

To share their joy with their community while also giving back. They’re holding a major raffle in which one fortunate winner will get to drive a brand new Tesla Model Y around the real world, or take home $70,000!

How to join the contest

Buy min $250 worth of $MF: PCS Link

Stake min $250 $MF: Staking Link

Fill out this Contest Form.

Buy Timeline: 4th April, 4 pm UTC to 24th April, 23:59 UTC

Staking Timeline: Until 23rd June, 23:59 UTC

You can still participate if you were an early investment. All you have to do is stake $250 in $MF (based on the $0.015 listing price, which equals 16,666 $MF tokens) in one of our staking pools.

With qualified wallets, two snapshots will be placed into the draw: one for purchasing and one for staking.

MetaFighter will host a LIVE lottery to choose the lucky winner after 60 days! Serkan, the MetaFighter CEO and Founder, will draw the winner live in front of the community.

Learn more about the contest at: 

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