MetaFighter Announces Arena Utility

Players make the rules when owning the PlayAndEarn blockchain game’s Arena NFT.

Step Into The Arena

After announcing the details of their IDO, MetaFighter, a BNB Chain arcade-style fighting blockchain project, revealed the utility of owning one of their Arena Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

In a tweet on April 4, the MetaFighter team outlined the benefits and uses of owning an Arena in their metaverse. Arenas are the first instance of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) within the MetaFighter ecosystem. Players are free to make the rules and other economic decisions about the NFT arena that they own.

“Arenas are MetaFighter’s showcase NFTs. They are the biggest prize in the MetaFighter universe, and the NFTs many individuals and communities within the game will aspire to own as they create their home in the MetaFighter metaverse,” wrote MetaFighter in an April 4 Medium post. “There, they can curate their own tournaments and fighters and rent out advertising space, creating a sustainable in-game business as a result for themselves or their community as a result.”


Arenas can serve as lobbies into other metaverses and can serve as a getaway point into other games. Owners can host tournaments and set the parameters of these tournaments, like the level requirement to join the tournament, the event’s prize pool, or registration fees participants have to pay before fighting, as they please. 

Arena NFT owners can earn passive income from each fight transaction in the arena, as well as promote their Arena on social media to attract possible third-party businesses to help sponsor the Arena or put advertisements in it.

Check out MetaFighter’s Medium post for the complete announcement and details of the utility of their Arena NFT.

What Is MetaFighter

FightToEarn, FightToLearn, FightToGain––MetaFighters is a PlayToEarn project built on the BNB Chain that brings the classic arcade-style fighting experience over to the blockchain space. Anyone can participate in the gameplay even without holding an NFT fighter. Players earn $FIGHT tokens by battling other players from all over the world or participating in tournaments for lucrative rewards. Fighters level up and gain experience points in order to improve a user’s fighter and become more competitive in the gameplay.

Where to find MetaFighter:

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