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Cryptodaily Admin: And welcome back everyone to another AMA with BSCDaily! Hope you’re having a productive Friday I’m your host Daley and together with me is Mrs. Pep – CMO at MetaFighter. Greetings Pep, how’s your Friday going?

Pep: Hey there…sorry just dropped some hot coffee on myself so not off to a good start. But how are you guys doing?

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh no starting off bad already. Do you need a minute to clean up?

Pep: Lol yeah i was hurrying trying to make it on time to the chat and boom

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok no problem! take your time to clean everything up! We are having an amazing time here actually, so hope we can channel the good vibe to you!

Pep: Times like these you need to have fun with your community. Bring me some good times BSC!!!!

Cryptodaily Admin: Fantastic! So, as usual, we would love to know more about our guests. My first question is dedicated for you here:

Q1: Please introduce yourself and your position within MetaFighter. Why did you decide to choose MetaFighter as your current employer?

Pep: Hey my name is Pep and I’m the CMO of MetaFighter.   I’ve been in crypto since 2016 and before this I was with KPMG. What you guys probably want to know more about is our Founder and CEO : Serkan Duman. Serkan has been in crypto since 2014, but wasn’t actively working in this industry in 2016. He started working as a developer for a host of products and then started consulting with ICO’s as there were many ICO rating platforms.  Most of the platforms were unfair and gave poor ratings. Seeing this as a weakness, he decided to make his own ICO rating platform based on smart contracts to give potential investors a good , fair and unbiased readout. So he has a strong background in blockchain development.

Cryptodaily Admin: Perfect! But why did you work as the CMO for MetaFighter though? Did you see great potential with the project? Or you just enjoyed helping Blockchain games get more exposure?

Pep: It’s my skill set.  Even though my traditional background is in IT and Finance…..when I joined crypto I learned a lot about networking and marketing.  That’s why I qualified for the CMO position. At the time that I joined there was a lot of hype in blockchain gaming.  Right now the entire market is struggling and gaming is no different. But I do think that everything has a cycle and we’re going to be starting the next cycle soon. What I saw in MetaFighter is familiarity. As many of you know, it’s modeled after Street Fighter and that brings back a lot of nostalgia to a lot of people my age. We grew up with similar experiences and this was just a natural fit for me.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s true, and we will get to know more about MetaFighter right now actually!

Pep: Great…ask away

Q2: What is MetaFighter? Can you explain the concepts of the game and how it would be attractive to many audiences?

Pep: The most important thing to understand about MetaFighter is that it is one single fighter but rather multiple fighters. MetaFighter is a skill-based P2E fighting game that captures the essence of arcade fighting classics and rewards players. One can purchase,rent fighters,skins they adorn and use arenas to host tournaments.

Game Modes:

Fight to Learn

Fight to Earn

Fight to Gain

Because of the different game modes there’s some sort of attraction for all types. If you’re a big competitive gamer then you fight to learn and improve your skill set. If you’re fighting strictly to earn then you’re playing for a fight to earn. Fight to gain is a lot about staking and arena ownership. You’re gaining equity and gaining investment opportunities. But we tried to capture as much as we could to have a rounded audience. Different people have different needs and we’ve worked hard to identify the needs for the entire community.

Cryptodaily Admin: So you just introduced Mr. Serkan – CEO to us

Pep: Yes he’s the man of the hour

Cryptodaily Admin: Right, so what about other members though?

Q3: Who are the core members of MetaFighter? How have their past experiences helped them in building MetaFighter?

Pep: Well as I previously mentioned Serkan Duman is the CEO and he’s the one who had the vision and assembled the team. Let me tell you more about the team. IT might sound cliche but one of the biggest features that we have is that our team is extremely strong. We have years of experience in blockchain and in the gaming industry. Not to mention that we incredibly engaged and experienced advisors who are helping us steer the project/game in the right direction. Advisors such as the CEO of Netvrk for example. Take a look at our webpage to see a list of our advisors and partners.

We have some of the  most talented people in the gaming industry. Our lead artist was the artist for League of Legends and our 3D Animator from WoW Our developers are also the best in the industry which was a challenge in itself because talent is difficult to attain right now because of the competitive atmosphere in blockchain gaming. Our marketing department is top notch and doesn’t slow down even in bear markets. Our objective is not just to perform in bull….but also keep delivering in bear. This is why we have a rock solid team and are looking to scale up the team even more.  Where other projects could be dying, we’re definitely looking at expanding and building our support structure.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s the way to do it! Keep on building and marketing, no matter what the market might be. Check out their website again for more detail:

Let’s move on to the core mechanics of the game right now!

Pep: Sure

Q4: What can players do in-game? Would you say your gameplay is unique in the GameFi/NFT gaming market?

Pep: I would say we have captured a niche audience in regards to the type of game that we’re delivering.   There’s many games that are being developed and the player has no idea how to begin….with MetaFighter…the objective is clear and you’re not guessing. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy…but you’re not frustrated trying to figure out the objective. So in regards to NFT gaming

1.NFT Fighter

-> Is used ingame to fight in matches 

-> Level up your fighter (master 5 tiers with each 20 Levels to get more rewards)

And also being qualified to get your own fighter

-> Assign perks and skills (make it unique)

-> Lend / rent for passive income

-> Stake your Fighter to breed and level up

Conclusion=> To leveling up your fighter will gets you more rewards, incentives

2.NFT Skins

-> Make your fighter more unique

3.NFT Superpower

-> Get an advantage in PVP, PVE or tournaments with superpower. Each fighter has 3 superpower, just 1 superpower can be activated in a match

4.NFT Arena

-> Is the part of the Metafighter Metaverse

-> Biggest revenue stream for Players (we are sharing revenue)

-> Just those are qualified for a NFT arena ownership with a minimum Tier4 NFT Fighter

-> Get a commission of each fight happens in this arena

-> Give your arena a own name

-> Decide in a closed DAO group in discord how to monetize the Arena

-> You can add/upload ADs on the billboards in the fighting stage

-> You can create tournaments and define price poolz or get sponsorships

Conclusion=> Build your own business within the Metaverse of Metafighter and get a passive income.

I hope that answers your question

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh man it does. I’m just taking my time to digest all these goodies too

Pep: Lol yeah, it’s nice to be working on something that’s exciting…especially during these times. There are some things in crypto and blockchain that don’t make sense to me at all….but earn-2-play is something that makes so much sense…It boggles my mind how we’ve let traditional gaming studios get away with it. They’re literally making billions and we have no problem giving that away. With blockchain gaming play2earn….we take our ownership back!

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s the thing, in traditional gaming, we don’t mind paying them to play because we actually want to play

Pep: Right….so now we’re developing a game that people actually have fun playing….oh and at the same time…you can make some money.

Cryptodaily Admin: 100% agree. 

Pep: I’ve spent a fortune on Fortnight skins that my son has bought… I wish he could have earned those skins somehow. Many kids who already play can quietly start earning their potential educational funds. I mean it’s not a get rich quick scheme….it’s something you already do and can quietly earn. Why not I say…why give the gaming studios our money

Cryptodaily Admin: It is not if you don’t put the earning part on top of the gaming part. Focus on developing a good game, a game that’s worth grinding for, worth paying money for. Then, earning should be a side focus

Pep: Exactly, and that’s why it’s so important to make a fun game as well. You will lose the audience if they don’t have fun. It’s kind of unfortunate that so many people actually leave crypto during bear markets because that’s where you see the majority of the true work get done. In bull markets everyone looks like a hero. In bear…that’s where you stand out because you survive

Cryptodaily Admin: And you will come out stronger than ever

Pep: That’s the goal

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m having a blast here, but let’s redirect our focus on finishing the questions first!

Pep: Lol I’m sorry..I have the gift of gab. I can talk for hours on the development of this space. But yes please continue

Cryptodaily Admin: You can answer questions from the community and elaborate more on MetaFighter’s vision and gameplay! So about the token model of MetaFighter:

Q5: What are the $MF token’s utilities? Please tell us why investors should hold $MF?

Pep: Well obviously this isn’t financial advice but why we think our tokens are going to be worth more as we continue to develop. Our token utility is very well thought and connected to the game ecosystem. E.g. Just by holding your tokens, you will be able to leverage your EXP collecting in order to level up your NFT fighter which grants you access to more lucrative parts of the game.  So players do have to hold some tokens to continue playing higher/more complex rounds where earning potential is greater. Also Staking will be an option to get extremely rare and exclusive NFT Fighters which aren’t available on the market and will only be available through staking. On the Top you will need to hold your $MF Tokens to be eligible for an Arena NFT ownership where the biggest revenue stream for our players are waiting. Lastly, our vesting schedule will also slow down the token circulating supply which will also have a long term positive effect on the token price.This is our objective…the market will do the rest

If you believe in the team and objective of their vision….then you will hold. All I can say is that we’re working extremely hard to deliver everything that we set out to do. Unfortunately many projects will die before they even get off the ground. Choose wisely.

Cryptodaily Admin: Why don’t we give the potential investors here another reason to buy $MF and join MetaFighter?

Q6: Have MetaFighter’s contracts been audited? Will there be any bug bounty program for the community to detect possible exploits?

Pep: Yes the code has been audited by @hackachain. Crypto is already the wild west and we need to do everything in our power to ensure security to our players and investors. It’s ethically irresponsible to not do even the basics. But we also want to remind everyone that you don’t have to use a wallet to start playing. It’s open to everyone. That itself is a benefit so players can experience the game first before any kind of commitment.

Q7: What do we need to join the game now? Are there any benefits of joining early?

Cryptodaily Admin: And if you can tell us when and how can we play the game, it would be nice

Pep: Right now the actual game has not been launched…but the demo version has. You need to hold the MF token and you can join the beta version of the game.  The benefits of joining early are that you can obviously start refining your skills but more importantly you’ll be providing input on the game’s ability to improve. We want usability feedback from our players..they know what the true experience is and we have to be able to see the experience from our gamers and any difficulties that they may experience. Or how to improve the experience.   If you don’t listen to your audience then you’re essentially doomed.

Cryptodaily Admin: Well said! Can we try the beta out?

Pep: YES!!!!! You just have to hold the MF token, come join our discord!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you! Here we go for our last question:

Q8: What are the future plans of MetaFighter? And where can we know more about you?

Pep: I just heard that our discord link is having issues…. let us get that fixed and you should be up and running

Cryptodaily Admin: Looking forward!!!

Pep: Our plans haven’t changed….we’re building and we’ll continue to build. We launched our token last month and we have just listed on Digifinex. This will make it easier for more people to have access to the token if they’re familiar with how to use a DEX. But for the remainder of the year we’re going to be taking feedback from the users in beta for a delivery of the game hopefully by year’s end. That’s our target and we hope to achieve that.

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh wow, this is the only blockchain game I’ve ever heard of that’s having the Beta for more than 6 months. It’s a good thing though, the longer the beta, the better the official version will be.

Pep: Lots of opportunity for the community to earn through airdrops and staking with MetaFighter too

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with MetaFighter

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Pep: Just everyone stay safe out there.  Don’t give up and whichever project you do choose to go with…make sure you’re comfortable with the team and what they’re doing. We want this entire community to do well. And we all must support each other. Wish everyone Success in this journey! Thanks for your time guys!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Pep for coming on and talking about MetaFighter! We wish you nothing but success now and in the future! Hope we can see more of MetaFighter in the upcoming months

Pep: Thanks Daley. You were a fantastic host!

Cryptodaily Admin: Such kind words! Take care Pep!

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