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Cryptodaily Admin: Greetings everyone  Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily!!! I’m your host Daley and today I’m joined by 0xJunior from Metacloud.

0xJunior:  Everyone.

Cryptodaily Admin: Hello 0xJunior! How are you?

0xJunior: Good, thanks for asking. How are you doing?

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m doing well myself Is there anything you want to say before we begin this AMA 0xJunior?

0xJunior: Just want to thank you and the community to receive the Metacloud team here to read what we have to say about our project.

Cryptodaily Admin: Sure thing! It’s what we do!! Alright! Can we begin the AMA now?

0xJunior: I am ready.

Cryptodaily Admin: Perfecto! Let’s begin with our first question for Metacloud:

Q1: Please introduce yourself and the Metacloud team to the audience! Who are you and what are your experiences with Blockchain tech in general?

0xJunior: Hello everyone, I am 0xJunior and I am an advisor for Metacloud. I am a top developer that already contributes to multiple DeFi protocols in the world and decided to get into the metaverse space as an advisor for I’ve been in crypto since 2016 and being a developer since 2017 (solidity). The Metacloud team is a mixture of Unity developers with solidity devs that decided to merge the reality with the virtual reality using blockchain.

Cryptodaily Admin: So you have been advising/contributing to a variety of Blockchain projects since 2017, is there any renowned one that we may be familiar with?

0xJunior: Yes. I’ve contributed to multiple projects like YFI and Keep3r. Also a major contributor on the BSC itself.

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh wow. So I guess you must be doxed then? What about the core guys in the Team? Are they all doxed as well?

0xJunior: I can also add that I work very closely with, a major crypto company that involves Crypto atms and crypto remittance. Everyone in our team is Doxxed and your community can check our team out here:

Q2: What is Metacloud? Why did you and the Team decide to build it and what kind of impact did you think Metacloud will have on the metaverse trend?

0xJunior: Metacloud is very different then any other metaverse and let me explain to you why: Metacloud merges reality with virtual reality and it’s not a regular metaverse project where only the Metaverse side exists. 

Let me explain to you how: Metacloud Club (in reality) receives per example a rapper like Lil baby or Drake in there. And unfortunately you can’t make it but your favorite rapper is there performing. At the comfort of your own home you simply join our metaverse Metacloud club that is streaming live what is happening in the In person club, you put your VR SET on your head and you are right there. This is the tech that we believe it’s here to stay, merging both worlds where what exists in reality can be brought up to the metaverse.

Creating a virtual world without having any sort of sense of reality is out of the question for us. The metaverse is a beautiful world but our REAL WORLD is also, so we decided to merge both worlds and create Metacloud. This example goes for everything, not just for shows. Will go for arts, for cooking lessons, for gyms, for any sort of activities that can be merged between the 2 worlds. So basically everything you will see in our metaverse you will be able to also visit in real life across the world.

We basically are a metaverse backed by reality.

Cryptodaily Admin: I mean, this is what I’ve always thought the “metaverse” is all about.

0xJunior: Correct. However, Decentraland and Sandbox only exist in the virtual world and create an illusion of people that is real and that’s the only world they should be in. In my opinion that is a toxic environment and not healthy in any way.

Cryptodaily Admin: In your metaverse, it requires users to have a VR headset. So do you think you can compete with Facebook (or Meta) in this trend?

0xJunior: No, it only requires VR HEADSET if you actually want to experience it with your eyes. You can use your avatar to run around in our metaverse and enjoy the virtual world. But to have the real feeling in person you must use our VR headset.

We can’t compete with them because we are fully decentralized and they are Centralized and corporate. We are working very close with a brand deal where we will be able to do the METACLOUD VR SET for a very affordable price and paid with $CLOUD TOKENS.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah I see! I was a bit worried since I believe for everyone to possess a VR Headset, it would be quite some time from now, but thank you for clearing this up.

Q3:  Let’s talk about the Metacloud metaverse. What can we do in this virtual world? Are there any decisive factors that allow Metacloud to compete with existing metaverses?

0xJunior: As I previously explained, we are the only one that is merging both worlds, the virtual world and real world. We are backed by reality and everything you see in  our metaverse it’s backed by reality. There is no metaverse out there doing this.

However our focus is on events on not so much land and everything else that others are doing. We have no competition and we are very different from everyone, that’s what make us different from everyone.

Q4: What about “metacloud landmarks”? How do we utilize this to generate profits?

0xJunior: We will be a limited landmark of 10 Thousand lands. This will be sold in 3 phases. The first phase is for only people that are participating in our ICO today.  at a very low price. 

The other 2 phases are for the public and more expensive than the first round of land sales. This land sales profits will go directly to more development and investment in Metacloud events.

Cryptodaily Admin: But how do we as users use these lands to generate profits?

0xJunior: Here it is: 

1- They can generate profits from Renting their venue for events and other activities that might happen. 

2- ART collection, They can have their own NFT ART gallery and sell their NFT’s in their Land.

3- Casino, They can build a casino and profit from it. Profits will go 100% to the land owner and they can build a casino with our Builder. 

4- Speculation and land flipping. These lands will be rising in prices everyday, the more they build and spend time making it look amazing, the more money they will get for it once selling it. 

5- Borrow their land in our lending protocol.

Q5: Let’s talk about your token $CLOUD. Please walk us through your tokenomics as well as the use cases of $CLOUD.

0xJunior: Tokenomics:

Let me explain you here what is the use cases of our token:

1- Buy and sell land.

2- buy and sell wearables and everything NFT related.

3- Pay for events, drinks and food in our Reality Metacloud club.

4- Currency used within our metaverse.

5- Profits generated from Metacloud are being used for buyback and burn.

6- Staking.

7- Lending and borrowing.

Q6: Partnerships are crucial for metaverse projects like Metacloud, so what partnerships are you having now? Will there be more soon?

0xJunior: We will announce another 35 partnerships in the coming 30 days. Also for KOLS.

Q7: What makes Metacloud worthy of our investments? How can Metacloud attract users on a large scale?

0xJunior: Metacloud is a different adventure that I want to take everyone in and show them how amazing and beautiful the merging of virtual reality and reality is and we can focus on more in person experience and socialization. 

Metacloud will attract hundreds of thousand of users with all the events and activities we have planned like Concerts, shows, cooking lessons, motocross shows and multiple EDM and hip hop festivals.

Q8: Are there any exciting events coming up that we need to keep our eyes out for?

0xJunior: Yes, We have 3 MAJOR CEX (centralized exchanges) that we will be listed on, also we have a MAJOR FESTIVAL with 5 of the most well known DJs and rappers worldwide. This will bring us mass adoption within 3 to 6 months.

Q9: Where can we find out more about Metacloud?

0xJunior: You basically will find out anything about us on our website here:

There is all the info you need about all the project from socials, to the team whitepaper and pitch deck.

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Metacloud

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

0xJunior: Thank you everyone and don’t forget to join us today at 7pm UTC at

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you 0xJunior for being here!! Good luck with the Pre-sale  Take care!

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