Move, place bombs, set traps, dodge attacks, … you remember these skills in 2D bomb-laying games, but extremely addictive. Good news for you, now you can play the bomb game all day and enjoy the profit earned from the game via Metabomb.

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I. Introduction

Metabomb is a basic 2D bomb game built on the blockchain that is appropriate for all sorts of players. Metabomb creates a metaverse universe in which participants may make actual money.

In MetaBomb, users may engage in a variety of exciting and intense bouts with other players, or work together to fight the daunting monster protecting enormous treasures that might transform any player’s reputation. The House and Hotel system will provide top-notch services to any gamers in order to help them re-energize for the next battle. Meanwhile, on the Marketplace, MetaBombers will demonstrate their bartering talents. Anything useful for your quest may be purchased there, but are you prepared to pay the price? Keep in mind that sharks, cutthroats, and thugs are all out to steal your hard-earned cash.

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MetaBomb is nearing completion, and with the ideas of GameFi 2.0 in mind, MetaBomb will be the game that immerses players in the full possibilities of the Metaverse.

Are you prepared for your next MetaBomb adventure?

II. Tokenomic

1. MTB Token

The main in-game money is the MTB token. During the first phase, it will be used to purchase Hero Boxes, Fusion, and Hero Level Upgrades.

MTB cryptocurrency is built on the Binance Smart Chain platform and adheres to the BEP-20 standard.

Metabomb token smart contract has been audited by Verichains, one of the largest audit organizations currently. You can check the report here:

2. Token Allocation

General Token Information:
➣ Symbol: MTB
➣ Total supply: 1,000,000,000
➣ Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Token Allocation:

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MTBAmountPercentageTGELock (month)Vesting (month)
Total MTB1.000.000.000100%
Private Sale120.000.00012%100%
Public Sale80.000.0008%100%
Play to Earn300.000.00030%18
Staking Reward100.000.00010%12
Core Team200.000.00020%10%612
Marketing + CM120.000.00012%5%18

3. Play to Earn 2.0

The player’s income level will fluctuate organically, requiring the player to reinvest in the game on a regular basis in order to maintain a consistent income.

They are currently building and will shortly deploy an NFT item system that can store asset value and withstand inflation, much like gold in the real world.

The game is built with a range of game modes, a variety of fees generated from gaming activities, and upgrading goods to maintain the player’s pool reward constantly and healthily.

III. Earning & Anti-inflation mechanism

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The income from selling NFTs and the in-game awards make this trend tempting, while investors may enjoy the graphic designs and difficulties of the games. However, because of game inflation, many GameFi enthusiasts appear to lose interest in the projects after a while. Players, in particular, spend a lot more time on the game, and the earnings aren’t worth it. Despite being a legend, Axie Infinity is not an exception. Recognizing GameFi’s decline, Metabomb is eager to usher in a new era of GameFi 2.0, where, at the very least, the issue of inflation is resolved.

The Metabomb team researched real-world economic norms and attempted to replicate them in the MetaBomb ecosystem. From then, the investment worth and profit of all participants in the MetaBomb’s metaverse will be optimal and fair at all times.

➤ Ecosystem overview:

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At first sight, Metabomb follows the same pattern as previous NFT games. The DEX allows players to purchase $MTB tokens in order to join the marketplace and exchange for NFTs, which are heroes, hotels, and bricks. To play games and gain rewards ($MTB tokens, bricks, and heroes), you must go through this process.

Players that own $MTB, bricks, and heroes must sell or trade them in order to profit and pay out, regardless of whence they obtained them (marketplace or incentives). A portion of the trading costs will be returned to the Reserve Fund and Pool Rewards as a result of this. Pool Rewards are also fed by the fees from Upgrading heroes and Fusions/Level-ups and “recycled” in the Rewards Pools. The Reserve Fund, on the other hand, is used to purchase tokens from DEXs. Throughout this system, $MTB circulates successfully in the game for a variety of purposes, reducing the demand for more token issuance while also limiting inflation.

Is the Pool Rewards system less effective if players do not want to upgrade or level up their heroes? Metabomb has devised a set of rules that pushes players to go through the games in order to increase their revenue. At the very least, in order to maintain a consistent income, players must continually reinvest in the game, as their revenue level will fluctuate organically.

➤ Metabomb “chill mode” for busy players

Metabomb’s new revenue model eliminates the need for fresh participants like Axie to keep the system running. The game’s advantages are well-maintained, so old players are urged to stay faithful to the game. For busy players, Metabomb has created a “idle mode” for farming called “the Chest Farm Mode,” which maintains their revenue steady on busy days. On a 19×11-block grid, players may send up to 5 heroes into a mining region and have them set bombs to demolish chest blocks in order to gather Bomb Pieces, $MTB, and NFTs. Heroes will work automatically without the need for manual control, allowing players to focus on other duties. Each time a hero places a bomb, they will use mana (1 bomb = 1 mana). When the hero’s mana runs out, he will cease playing and enter the resting state to replenish it (0.5 mana each minute). When a hero rests in a house/hotel, his mana regeneration rate rises.

➤ House and Hotel System:

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➤ How to Earn: Take a look at the diagram below to get a better understanding:

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➤ How to burn:

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Please read on to learn more about the Earn mechanism in Metabomb:

IV. Gameplay

1. Chest Farm Mode

On a 19×11-block map, players may send up to 5 heroes into a mining region and have them plant explosives to demolish chest blocks in order to acquire Mystery Fragments, $MTB, and NFTs.

Heroes will work automatically without the need for manual control, allowing players to focus on other duties.

Each time a hero places a bomb, they will use mana (1 bomb = 1 mana). When the hero’s mana runs out, he will cease playing and enter the resting state to replenish it (0.5 mana each minute). When the hero rests in a House / Hotel, the rate of mana regeneration rises.

When all of the chests on a map have been cleaned, a new map with random terrain and chests will appear.

The following are the chances of finding chests and the rewards that come with them:


2. Boss Hunt Mode

Boss Hunt Mode is one of MetaBomb’s many daily activities. Your Hero will be sent to the Boss Arena, and your objective will be to do the most damage to the boss in the shortest amount of time possible. The rewards are excellent and are allocated based on the amount of damage you dealt to the Boss when the server was reset.

Fire, Wood, Thunder, Earth, and Water are the five elements that make up Boss. The aspect of powerful Bomb will cause them to take more damage.

● Maximum number of players: 4
● 5 different bosses

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3. Arena Battle Mode

Every day, you can control any of your heroes to fight against other players in free Arena Battles. Winning and losing have an impact on a player’s rating. When a player wins, they receive points; when they lose, they lose points. Your opponents’ rankings have an impact on how much you gain or lose. Players are rewarded on a daily and monthly basis based on their performance.

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4. PvP Mode

Show off your battling talents by competing in 1v1 or 2v2 battles against other players. The participants put their wager, and the winner receives the whole pot!

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5. Tournament Mode

The single-elimination tournament is a weekly Special Event that takes place. Win your way to the top of the leaderboard and earn gifts that might help you rule MetaBomb!

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With the above article, I hope you are fully equipped to prepare to blow up the world of Metabomb!

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