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“A metaverse game Based on BSC”

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Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with MetaPanda! Today we have @MetaPandahost and @MetaPandaAlex joining us to talk about their exciting new project. Great to have you guys here 🙂

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Alright! If you guys are ready, let’s dive right into the questions


Yeah, i am ready

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1. First of all, please introduce yourself and Meta Panda!


Hello, everyone. I am very happy to have the opportunity to be a guest in the Binance AMA community.

I’m Alex, the head of Global Business Development at Meta Panda. My job is to help the team develop the project and focus on the ecological application of metaverse GameFi that the community wants.

I have 11 years of experience in marketing, especially in games, and I am excited about our platform and our innovation in this field. Thank you for the opportunity to be here.

It’s really a rare experience. I am also honored to introduce Meta Panda, which is a personalized panda development game based on Metaverse theme. It combines the traditional gaming experience with GameFi.

Players can buy, raise, create, breed and trade cute pandas; cultivate their own panda pets, develop different professional panda routes, and get rewards.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great to hear that 🙂 and thanks for that introduction

2. My next question is information that all community users who are interested in Meta Panda strongly want to know. When will Meta Panda be launched?

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Sure. I can’t wait to release this exciting news. After testing by a third party, our code security and contract security are completely qualified. Our team decided to officially launch on February 22nd.

We expect more players to join us and experience this enjoyable game. You can pay attention to our official Twitter and telegram group to get the first news.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

How exciting! Glad to hear that MetaPanda is finally launching tomorrow. So let’s unpack a bit as there was a lot I wanted to touch on. So first let’s talk about your game features.

3. Nowadays, there are many GameFi applications emerging constantly. In such an environment, Meta Panda, as a Panda metaverse cute pet-like cultivation game, what game features does it rely on to maintain its competitive position? What are its advantages?


Yes, there are many competitive games on GameFi. We have conducted a detailed study of the market competition.

In Meta Panda, we set the protagonist as panda. We all love pandas very much.

It is very unrealistic to get a panda of our own in the real world, but in Meta Panda’s world, players’ wishes will be fulfilled. Meta Panda players constantly develop and upgrade their careers by playing games, and get tokens and equipment with the “Play to Earn” and “Happy to Earn” features.

In advanced game play, in addition to male and female characters, there are different occupations: police, fighting pandas, etc.

Players also need to spend time and feed the characters to help them grow and learn new skills. Players will have enough time to master the tricks of the game and finally choose all the available characters they personally love to use.

Another feature of our Meta Panda is that its creator, Itsukamachi Animation Studio, has provided full artistic support for Meta Panda.

With their high creative ability, Mr. Tanimoto and Mr. Shinishi Saburo of Osaka attracted the support of quite a few fans before the game went online.

It is worth mentioning that Osaka’s Tanimoto and Shinishi Saburo are former senior game animators of well-known Japanese game animation company Group TAC. The company was founded in March 1968 and has designed many classic cartoons, such as “Nokto De La Galaksia Fervojo”, “TOUCH”, “Stormy Night”, “Baseball Heroe”, “Comic Japanese Words”.

At present, Meta Panda has more than 100,000 community users and has solid fans in the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Australia and the United States, which is a very proud achievement for a new chain tour.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay I see, so there is a lot of neat features I am seeing coming out of MetaPanda

4. What do you think of the current situation of GameFi? What kind of development will Meta Panda start in GamFi?

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In my opinion, more and more traditional games are entering the blockchain market, which is forming a mainstream. In the past, the way for gamers to gain profits in such games was limited. Getting profits in games was often an accessory to playing games.

Most gamers and investors were stripped off, and their mutual identity was not high. The emergence of GameFi enables users to invest and gain profits while playing games, that is, the brand-new concept “Play to Earn”.

GameFi game props can circulate freely, making maximum use of game props with scarce value and improving their value.

Meta Panda is committed to creating a metaverse world with panda theme + GameFi + Social-Fi + DAO. The future Meta Panda will not be just a game, but a digital space for people to play, entertain, socialize, shop and work. It has a new social system and is the key carrier of the future lifestyle. On the one hand, people meet their spiritual needs through multiple interactive experiences, and at the same time exert their creativity to create actual social and economic values.

On the other hand, they can improve the actual production efficiency in all aspects of the physical world, such as industry, agriculture, transportation, medical care and education with the use and help of virtual scenes.

Through ecological construction and expansion, we will continuously inject value, profoundly change the existing mode of life and production, and create a fair and just metaverse value network that everyone can create and make profits from.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Sounds good!

5. How can investors and Meta Panda achieve a win-win situation?


This is a very good question. In fact, we are building a self-sufficient ecosystem in which players and investors can share the income and benefits.

In Meta Panda, you can invest in maintaining baby pandas like real pets. You have to train them. You have to invest in their careers and development, and even upgrade. Therefore, it is not like a one-time big investment, where people put in first and then sell off.

We don’t want this. We hope that players can participate in the game and see it grow. Investing in these add-ons (such as food, tips, and professional props) will ensure that there is enough money for rewards and the game will not die out naturally. In this process, investors get token income from the game. Baby pandas, young pandas and professional pandas can trade freely in C2C in the official mall, and pay with game gold coins.

The price of pandas is determined according to scarcity. As mentioned above, we are preparing a lot of cooperation to ensure the long-term sustainability of the game, and our attitude is very open.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! So how much do you need to have to invest in order to start the game with a baby panda?


This will be in our plan, please continue to pay attention.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay great!

Moving on…

6. Users in traditional game circles are very important for the development of the project. How do you plan to attract these users to participate? Will there be cooperation between traditional game users and actual use cases?


As a part of the new development of Meta Panda, users in the traditional game circle will soon be able to register for Meta Panda without digital wallets such as MetaMask.

They can register by the traditional method of using e-mail and password. In addition, they can also use non-encrypted assets such as credit cards to purchase Meta Panda. When they are ready to go up the chain, they can also migrate their assets to the blockchain and trade on the chain.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

I find this a very good idea to attract traditional game users.  They might have some resistance using digital wallets 🙂

7. How did you involve the community in the development of this project? How are you going to build a community that can radiate all over the world?

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We have been listening to opinions and suggestions from our community. We collect and process them and assess their importance to Meta Panda. In fact, we have added several great features to the game according to community suggestions.

One of them is the romantic panda predestined love link, in which males propose to females through diamond rings. If the proposal is successful, the next generation of love can be bred, and the interactive playability is very high. Players can breed a new baby panda, with random sex, 50% probability of male or female, and pandas with professional level above Scan mate.

The baby pandas are owned by male panda users, while female panda users can get a UMTP reward of 20% of the diamond ring price.

We also regularly carry out community activities. For example, we designed a Meta Panda that we implemented in the form of an NFT.

We will also design a function in which players can create their own rare Meta Panda designs, create a unique proprietary Panda NFT through accessories, clothing, makeup, etc.,

and get additional revenues and abilities. In the future, participants can get more rewards through rare or unique panda NFT. We can only say that the growth and direction of Meta Panda will ensure that the community grows together with us.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! Do you want to share your airdrop information as well?


In this AMA, we also prepared a million airdrop awards for users around the world:This online AMA airdrop activity:Airdrop 1000 copies,500 MTXM per copyInvite everyone to the official telegram group

Telegram group

Come and join us.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Wonderful! Make sure to join MetaPanda’s Telegram and make sure not to miss out on their airdrop everyone 🥳

8. As far as I understand, Meta Panda also has an economic system whose ownership is completely determined by players. How can this mechanism be sustainable? What do players “own” in the game?

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Players in Meta Panda have their props, pandas, and other things, such as tips, and soon gloves, racing cars, police guns. Of course, they also have UMTP obtained in daily rewards. Next, we may introduce governance tokens, so that holders can not only own assets, but also have a say in the direction and development choices within Meta Panda

9. You have been mentioning NFT props just now. Can you tell us more about this part?


Sure, the props and tips in the game are the key for players to get a better game experience.

Milk powder accelerates the growth of baby pandas, improves the progress by 100%, and makes baby pandas immediately become young pandas. Biscuits accelerate the growth of baby pandas, and increase the progress by 50%. Bamboo is another important prop.

Panda’s energy is increased by 1 point per bamboo. Diamond rings are used for mating and reproduction. Professional props such as police guns, boxing gloves and racing cars can also be found.

In addition to that, players can get professional tips. Professional tips are divided into three categories: police tips, fighting tips and super racer tips, and each type has five grades, namely N, S, R, SR and SSR.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Very cool! last but not least…

10. What are the top three priorities for the team after the game goes online? Can you share some of Meta Panda’s plans?


Actually, this year we want to create a series of things inside Meta Panda. First off, we want to create mobile app games.

This is to allow users to play games without cryptocurrency wallets such as MetaMask.

We are also going to introduce a lending function within Meta Panda. This would allow users with many Meta Pandas to lend some Meta Panda NFT to players who don’t have enough assets but have enough time to play.

Dividends, voting, incentives, etc. are fully opened. That’s all I can say now.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! Thank you very much for being with us today! It has been a pleasure having you here. Please do stick around if you want to chat with the community further. Before I open up the chat again, is there anything more you would like to mention?

It will be great if you can share the links to your social media for our communities to follow


Official Twitter:


Chinese telegram group:

Thank you guys.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Awesome! If you haven’t already make sure to go and check out MetaPanda everyone! Super exciting project that you don’t want to miss out on 🙂

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