Meta Meerkat ($METAKAT): Main Currency and Resource In METRIX Metaverse

Meta Meerkat comes with a Metaverse concept vested with Decentralization, Passive Yield, Deflationary supply and NFT Capabilities.

What is Meta Meerkat?

Meta Meerkat ($METAKAT) is an immersive meta-meme coin based on Binance Smart Chain Network. Its key functionality to come up with Metaverse concept vested with Decentralization, Passive Yield, Deflationary supply and NFT Capabilities. Meta Meerkat’s primary mission is to create a place where project supporters can chill and have fun, and gain stable dividend payout from Meta Meerkat Sandbox Metaverse, geared with Metaverse Casino, Night Club and P2E Game.

The current plan for developers is to deploy the play-to-earn alpha (early access to the game planned for early Q2 2022) as soon as possible combined with “Metakat club”.

$METAKAT Features

Dividend payouts: Apart from the 3% fee reflected to holders’ with each buy/sell activity, $METAKAT token and NFT owners will also get a tier revenue share based on Meta Meerkat Sandbox Metaverse profits.

9% TAX: All $METAKAT transactions are taxed at 9% of which 3% is redistribution fee, goes to all holders, 3% goes to buyback & burn, and 3% to marketing fund. 

Buyback & BURN: 3% of any transaction is taxed and held within the contract. The developers initiate the buyback and burn mechanism as per their strategy.

Deflationary: $METAKAT is a deflationary token designed to constantly fund development and its token holders. The token achieves all of this by a 9% transaction fee distributed as: % Buyback, 3% Development, and 3% Reflection. Additional burn mechanism as null address is included in reflection or the “Black Hole.”


Sandbox Metaverse-Based

Meta Meerkat Sandbox Metaverse, consists of Metaverse Casino, Night Club and P2E Game and gives a number of items for players to chill out and have fun with. 


This is the profit powerhouse that emphasizes lucrative returns for Meta Meerkat supporters. The 3D features of Meta Meerkat Sandbox Casino will emphasize realism and deliver a 360-degree visual of the environment. 

“Whether you are playing slots, poker, or just spectating, we will be providing a realistic and interactive experience for the community,” said the website.

$METAKAT NFT Collection

After the launch of the project, an NFT collection is also planned to be released and Token holders and $METAKAT NFT can be considered as the project’s shareholders who will also receive a tier revenue share based on Meta Meerkat Sandbox Metaverse profits. 


This is a fun and dynamic environment for all holders and supporters and is also the most exclusive place in the METRIX. Although the METRIX will be alway free and accessible for everyone but those in the metakat club will receive additional benefits both inside and outside the METRIX. The people part of the club having following benefits: 

Become a casino shareholder

Exclusive private villa in METRIX

Access to unique events in the Penthouse

Exclusive P2E rewards 


There is a merge planned for the DeFi ecosystem with gaming via unique NFTs enabling users to play as well as earn. 


$METAKAT can be staked and used for farming via the staking/farming dashboard in order to receive rewards. APY and APR will also vary with the value of tokens staked. 

Custom VR Apparel 

All merchandise are VR and Meerkat inspired and will be available for purchase in the Marketplace. 

“We are working on custom outfits for our in-game skeletons (Unreal Engine 5). We deployed the first showcase of metakat merch and we decided to host a giveaway of 50 t-shirts to the top 50 holders of metakat,” the project revealed. 


As token holders and NFT owners are matched as project’s shareholders, they can participate in the governance of the project.

Black Hole Mechanics

Another important aspect is that 10% of METAKAT token supply will be burned before presale, thus a Black Hole is created. Since the Black Hole is integrated in the rewards for users, it is important to note that Black Hole gathers more and more tokens and drives deflation.


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Meta Meerkat and the METRIX Metaverse form a platform where users can earn, chill, and play, all at the same time. The NFT holders and stakers are all part of the governance of the platform. 

“In the future we want to deliver an open world RPG with skill based gameplay, once the project is delivered we are planning to empower the community to add their own content inside the ‘METRIX’,” revealed the project.

The platform has a lot of things planned for 2022 and beyond, to learn more, check the links below. 






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