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BSCDaily Admin: Hello and welcome to the @bsc_daily community.

How are you today? 

Crypto Vlad: Hello everyone! Super excited to get the AMA started!

BSCDaily Admin: And we’re super excited for Merrymen’s project!

Ready to start the AMA now?

Crypto Vlad: Let’s do it

Q1: What is Merrymen? Could you provide some insight around its background and origin?

Crypto Vlad: Merrymen is an upcoming cross-chain DEX on the Binance Smart Chain. The idea for Merrymen was conceived during the Robinhood GME & AMC fiasco, by which several members of our team were affected, including myself. We aim to provide a unique trading platform, which will serve as the gateway for traditional investors to enter the crypto space. We have lots of big news we are excited to share, including the mainnet for our official DEX, which is just around the corner.

Q2: Could you explain in detail what Merrymen’s key advantages are when compared to other DEXs?

Crypto Vlad: Merrymen puts the community of investors first as we aim to constantly reward token holders. Our core values are clear, we believe in the perfect mix between community power and relevant use case projects. We will start from the point of matching the best features currently available on current top DEXs on the market, and by that point exploring entirely unique new features. Additionally, our official mobile app will be one of a kind, and will revolutionise the way investors trade on DEXs. All of these developments will be heavily backed by aggressive marketing campaigns, of which I’m sure we’ll speak more on later.

Q3: The community needs to know, why is Merrymen heavily focusing on marketing campaigns?

Crypto Vlad: As stated earlier, we aim to systematically reward all token holders. We have a highly experienced team, with the expertise needed to roll out large-scale campaigns to properly market Merrymen. While December has already been a huge month for Merrymen, already having been covered by a multitude of influencers, Q1 2022 will be an incredibly important time for Merrymen. We will be ramping up all marketing efforts, with influencers, AMAs, partnerships & more. 

Q4: What about the Team behind the Merrymen project? Are your team experienced in any other crypto-related projects prior?

Crypto Vlad: We are an anonymous team, we have decided to remain anonymous as revealing our identity does not properly follow our long-term goal of full decentralization, and eventually, the Merrymen DAO. Regardless, our team is experienced both in the crypto space as well as the traditional financial markets. Our community should be well aware that our incredible team is more than capable of attaining every objective we have set out at Merrymen.

Q5: What can Merrymen investors expect to see in 2022? Is the roadmap still on track?

Crypto Vlad: We are still on track to hit all major milestones. With our official DEX going live in a few days and our IDO already concluded, we can safely say everything needed to propel Merrymen to become a top DEX contender is already in place. Next year will be huge, major developments regarding our web app DEX, the release of our mobile app, partnerships, marketing campaigns, and some more news we have not announced yet publicly. We are incredibly excited! 

Q6: Where can people find out more about Merrymen?

Crypto Vlad: Of course

We are very active on our socials, make sure to follow us to keep up to date with all our latest announcements!




Q7: What about your relationship with Genesis Pool and other partners? Can you walk us through your current and maybe future partners?

Crypto Vlad: To date, we have chosen to keep the majority of our partners unannounced. We have just recently announced our partnership with Transient, and a long-term collaboration with Genesis Pool. Over the coming days & weeks, we will be releasing information regarding our other partners, including liquidity providers, auditors and more!

Q8: Merrymen just concluded its Public Raise with the Genesis Pool launchpad. Could you explain what your relationship is with Genesis Pool, and when the official token listing will be?

Crypto Vlad: We decided to conduct our raise with Genesis Pool as they not only firmly align with our core values, but they are a tried and tested launchpad, well on its way to becoming one of the biggest competitors in the space. Our collaboration with Genesis Pool will ensure visibility for our DEX from projects conducting their IDO on Genesis Pool, and increasing numbers of token holders. Having finalized our raise, we are very happy to announce that our official $MERRY token will be listed on our own DEX in the next few days!

BSCDaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Merrymen 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Crypto Vlad: Make sure to follow us on our socials and get ready for our big launch, it’s just around the corner!

BSCDaily Admin: Have a great IDO in the next few days! Best of luck.

Crypto Vlad: Thanks.





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