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BSCNEWS Hosts Mero Finance–Your money 2.0. All Questions answered by Frank and Jan Emil

Lola (AMA HOST): Hello! 👋We are Starting the AMAHope you’re setDo I have any Mero Team member here?

Frank: yes looking forward to this AMA@JanEmil  our marketing genius is also online here

Lola (AMA HOST): Great!You’re welcome Frank @cryptofrank3 and Jan @JanEmil Glad to have you both here. How has been  your day?

Frank: Busy but a very good day.

Jan Emil: Corona have the one good thing. You can sit at computer and build day long 😉

Lola (AMA HOST): Haha True.Okay!Let’s move on to the questions.At the 2nd half, the Community would be dropping their questions and you can pick any 4 questions of your choice. Shall we start now

Frank: Yes, ready and excited!

Jan Emil: Sounds fine

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and Mero Token? Could you tell us your role in the project and briefly introduce Mero?

Jan Emil: I am Jan Emil Christiansen. Been helping crypto projects 4 years. I like to promote and join friends around crypto space.

My role has been to help Mero to gain users.

Frank: The Mero Team has 5+ team members, everyone is volunteer and excited to be helping bring crypto adoption to the masses. Our core developers are in India, Africa and North America. I am personally one of the junior developers and I have part in marketing also for the project.

yes Jan Emil is our marketing genius

Mero is open source, community owned and driven. We are helping spearhead change in the crypto world, by encouraging mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments by open source development of revolutionary use cases. Mass adoption begins with just one person sharing crypto payments with others, be that person!

So simply put Mero is making it easy for merchants to accept Mero as a currency. And we will be involved in grassroots ways to see the general public adopt mero as a currency.

Lola (AMA HOST): Great. Thanks for this information. Nice meeting you two.

Q2. How many team members do you have working with you? And can you also tell us their roles?

Frank: In brief we have 5 team members, 4 developers and 1 marketing helper. As shared our core developers timezone prohibited their involvement but they wanted to send their greetings here.

Frank: You will also notice our bear mascot, he is really the biggest help the project, everyone loves him

Lola (AMA HOST): Haha. I love that.

Q3. Can you share with us about Mero Merchant Wallet?

Frank: Sure. The mero wallet is the first in many open source development projects that Mero is spear-heading. Our goal is to create products that are simple, light-weight and easy to use to enhance mass adoption.

We want first time merchants who are using our products to feel at home and be at ease with the functions of the wallet.

Frank: On the merchant tab, the vendor can set a price and convert on the fly to USD or other currencies and this will enable them to verbally request for an amount of MERO to be sent.

This is the QR generator tab that allows the merchant to create a QR code poster in PDF and print it to display it in their shop. This allows crypto adoption easily without any cost, a very simple method for grass roots adoption.

Lola (AMA HOST): This idea is really a great one I must say. I’m sure something birthed this. Your experience or what made you come about this?

Frank: A few of the developers have been in the crypto field for over 3+ years and really have wanted to see more “real user” adoption of crypto. Many projects come and go with flashy products that many do not use in real life. The developers passion is to see products that are actually used.

Lola (AMA HOST): Great. Kudos to you guys!

Q4. Mero Vision is to help spearhead change in the crypto world. How do you intend to achieve that goal? And what have you been doing recently in line with the Vision?

Frank: Imagine crypto being actually used in your everyday life. AT the shop, at businesses at stores. We really are excited to push this forward in real applications, for instance we are working “boots on the ground” with individuals in Benin, Africa working in a specific city to bring real-life adoption of MERO in a local area.  We can discuss this more later on.

We also have a product coming out in the future called: MeroPay. that will work with cell phone providers.  We will speak more of this also later in this AMA

Q5. How can Mero expand one’s business to reach into the crypto space? Any working plan on that?

Frank: Great question, I touched on that just before.  Really our goal is to see businesses that are NOT using crypto as a payment option to begin to do this. We are not as interested to on-board the current adoption of crypto in the marketplace but rather we want to expand that further. 

The first use-case is Benin, Africa in the city of Cotonou where we will be seeing over 100+ stores and 1000’s of individuals using Mero as a payment option daily for goods and services.  This is not just a theory, we have people on the ground working with businesses to make this happen. 

To my knowledge we will be the first token on the BSC chain to really start to spear-head a token as a form of payment in the real world.

Q6. What’s the Difference between MERO and other BSC Projects out there? What do you offer that is different from others?

Frank: As alluded to the last question, Mero is open source completely, so we will be releasing all applications, smart contracts and coding that we do onto github. This will allow other projects to benefit from what we are doing and as well cater to a growing developer community around our project. I believe this is one aspect that makes us unique in the BSC chain.

We also have an aim towards decentralization of MERO as a currency, similar to how Bitcoin has become a decentralized entity where anyone can build on it or use it. We have similar goals to aim Mero in that direction.

Lastly, we believe as we see real-life user adoption of MERO as a payment option that will make us unique and set us apart from others also.

We do not want to compete with other projects but in a sense push the BSC ecosystem forward also, part of that desire culminated in our choice to make Mero completely open-source.

Q7. In your roadmap, in Q2 you will be having E-commerce Partnerships. Can you tell us more about this? Who are you partnering with?

Frank: We have not solidified any partnership to the point where we can announce anything yet :). but we do have the goal to see a partnership form in Africa with a cell provider to enable Mero payments via text messages on cell phones.

I believe this will be a big help in seeing adoption of Mero as a currency and will also enable people to easily share Mero with friends and for payment of goods.

To my knowledge I do not know another BSC project that is going in this direction.

So I suppose that is another clear unique feature of Mero.

Lola (AMA HOST): All right. Good to hear that.

Q8. How will the yield Farming and Staking deployment go? Can you share more light on this?

Frank: Sure. Really Yield farming and staking is simply part of Crypto 3.0 and the whole new finance area of cryptocurrencies.  All projects on the BSC chain by default should be exploring how their token fits into this ecosystem and find good solutions for mining (farming).

Essentially yield farming brings a POS mining protocol to the end user and gives them a great way to earn more of the native token or another farmed token, we are in full support of this and will be integrating Mero into various farms over time.

We are considering adding staking into our native wallets. Essentially a “savings” account. But we cannot promise anything yet!

Q9. Can you explain the trustless transactions Mero offers on the Binance Smart Chain?

Frank: Essentially trustless transactions are when the token moves from the end users wallet to another end users wallet without going through a centralized entity.  So the wallet just interacts with the contract code and the BSC blockchain but not with a centralized server.

We are coding all our wallets with this in mind to ensure that all your Mero (funds) are really yours, no one can take them away from you and you cannot lose them due to servers going down or anything.

This is the big way blockchain technology in general sets people free. hence our slogan: “Mero is your Money 2.0”   Mero is indeed YOUR money. You control it, you are your own bank.

This personally excites me and we want to continue to develop decentralized applications and smart contracts in this vein.

Lola (AMA HOST): Nice. When I was reading about Mero, I saw the slogan and I was like Wow!

Frank: Yes it really summarizes our passion!

Lola (AMA HOST): Keep it up. That alone says what Mero is about in the little way it can. 😊

Q10. Share with us all the links about Mero, so that readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.

Jan Emil Christiansen:


Jan Emil:


Jan Emil:


Jan Emil: And see how many holders already 😉


It move so fast on BSC

Frank: 13k 🙂

Lola (AMA HOST): Wow! That’s quite huge.

Q11. Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy news for us in BSC News today?

Frank: We have our mobile wallets in development and near done, so everyone can expect these out very soon!!

And we will have videos and images of our use-case in Benin Africa with real-life transactions of Mero happening, it’s going to be exciting!!!

Lola (AMA HOST): Wow! I’ll also make sure I have the wallet. 😊

Frank: Great 🙂

Lola (AMA HOST):

Thank you so much @cryptofrank3 and @JanEmil 

We’re excited to have you with us today. What an awesome AMA with you two. 😎

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