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This platform, inspired by the famed board game Monopoly, combines blockchain earning with the rules of the game.


Memenopoly is a blockchain gaming platform centered around yield generation. Users play a game using Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) in the place of properties, and seek to collect as much as possible without being sent to “Pepe Jail” – one of many references to classic memes in the game. The artwork of the game is inspired by popular meme culture, and the team has hired a group of professional artists to create advanced depictions of the humorous subject matter. 

The game runs on the $MNOP token, which users can earn by playing the game. Users can earn $MNOP the same way money is earned in traditional Monopoly – by passing Go and collecting “rent” from other players. Players can level up as they play the game, with earnings going up in correspondence to their level.

Players are not required to play the game to earn yields on the platform. However, the potential for major earnings increases substantially by levelling up and rolling across the board.

How Memenopoly Works

The rules of the game are similar to its namesake. Players will be able to “roll” once every few hours, with the exact timing yet to be determined. The user will then move to the corresponding spot on the board.

Types of Board Spaces

GO: This is where the user starts. Each time that a player passes GO, they will collect *10 $MNOP X Player Level, or *100 $MNOP x Player Level if they land on GO. Each time a player passes GO, they will go up a level.

Chests: Landing on these spaces earns players an instant *75 $MNOP.

Rick Roll Again: In reference to the famous song, players who land here get to roll again.

Tax: Players who land here must pay a Tax fee, which is then burned to maintain deflation.

Reddit/Twitter: These replace the “utilities” spaces from traditional Monopoly. Just like those spaces, players who land here will roll to determine how much rent they must pay. These are not purchasable properties; 100% of the rent is sent to “the Moon”.

The Moon: This space replaces “Free Parking”, and can be a lucrative stop for players who land here. 100% of the Reddit/Twitter rent and 10% of all player rent is sent to this space. Whenever a player lands here, they claim the entire amount sent to that point, after which it resets.

Pepe Jail: The jail. Don’t get sent here if you can! Players sent to the Pepe Jail must start their next turn on the space.

Go to Pepe Jail: This space sends players directly to jail. Players sent to jail lose one level, and lose a daily roll until they have exited jail.

Properties/Rockets: The majority of spaces in the game, players aim to collect these in order to improve their earnings. If a player owns a property, they do not have to pay rent if they land on that space. If the property is not owned players must pay the rent fee in order to continue progressing. 

The Major Benefits

Memenopoly has provided a substantial amount of utility for their users, even before their launch. The aforementioned “Moon” jackpot is one of the major draws of the platform, allowing players to potentially win big just by playing the game.

The NFTs that represent properties are up for sale on TreasureLand, with some going for high-dollar ticket value. The “Binance” property is currently selling for 5 BNB.

Users are also able to stake their NFTs and their $MNOP to increase their earnings. This can be done without playing the Memenopoly game, but rewards are much higher if users actively participate on the board. 

NFT Staking

One of the major features offered by Memenopoly is NFT staking. The code for the staking was forked from Smol Finance.

All Properties and Rockets can be staked. Users can get a “Memenopoly” by collecting all of the Properties/Rockets in a set. This will boost the daily rewards given by the platform.

How to Acquire NFTs For the Game

Users can acquire NFTs for in-game use through a few methods depending on the type of NFT. There are Property/Rocket NFT which are a more limited supply, as well as Player NFTs which they can stake in the NFT farms and unlock a 3D model of the NFT for use in the game.

NFTs can be acquired using the following methods:

Card Packs: These packs are how users acquire the NFTs firsthand and can be purchased in the Memenopoly Pack Store. These packs have different NFTs that can be inside, and are available in these three purchase options: $MNOP, BNB, and $MNOP/BNB. Users are not guaranteed a Property/Rocket NFT, but they are guaranteed to receive a certain amount of NFTs based on the pack purchased.

All Pack sale proceeds are burned, keeping the $MNOP circulating supply lower.

Marketplaces: Once NFTs have been purchased from packs, they can be sold on marketplaces like TreasureLand. This is where most users will be able to purchase Property and Rocket NFTs as there is a limited overall supply. 

Flash Sales/Promotions: Memenopoly will periodically hold promotions or sales where specific NFTs will be available for direct purchase. 


The initial $MNOP distribution was 59,062.5 Tokens which were distributed along with hundreds of NFTs in randomized NFT packs which were removed upon listing on PancakeSwap. An additional 9,450 tokens were used to provide locked liquidity paired with the pack sales.

Development Progress

The project is fully running with over 6,000 rolls and 600 NFT packs sold. The tokenomics are providing a high burn rate, keeping the supply in check with over 37% of the supply already burned.

Memenopoly has integrated Chainlink VRF to ensure that Pack odds and roll results are fully randomized, ensuring the fairness of the platform.

Concluding Thoughts

Monopoly is a game that almost everyone has experience playing. By updating the game and bringing it into the GameFi sector, Memenopoly has a unique edge on the market. Their use of meme culture could help bring a dedicated user base that will engage with the protocol based on the source of their NFT art. 

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