MemeKiller AMA Transcript

“Memekiller is NFT Game build on binance smart chain. We are an army, and our mission to kill sh*tcoins!”

Andrew (BSC.News):

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with MemeKiller!

Today we have their CEO @robert_killer joining us today

Welcome Robert

Robert Killer:

Hello guys! 

I’m ceo memekiller!

Andrew (BSC.News):

Pleasure to have you here

Robert Killer:

Yah, this cool

I am glad to communicate with your community!

Andrew (BSC.News):

Okay great so let’s get started then

1. Please give us an introduction and how you came to start MemeKiller?

Robert Killer:

Let’s go

We were inspired by other crypto games, nowadays game-fi is gaining a lot of popularity.

Our team loves games very much, at the moment the market gives great opportunities for rapid development for new projects

We also really don’t like what is happening on the market, every day there are a lot of shit coins, such as floki, shiba and e t c . 

These coins cause harm to people, many people lose money on them. 

We are here to resist them!

Game-fi this our future! ❤️🚀

Andrew (BSC.News):

Okay nice! So since your team loves gaming so much, you made your own

So for this next question

2. What is MemeKiller? How is it contributing to the play-to-earn space?

Robert Killer:

MemeKiller  play to earn NFT game based on binance smart chain.

Role-playing RPG where everyone can feel like a warrior, fight with shit coins, earn money and enjoy the process.

Personalize and improve your fighter , come  out victorious in the battle and get kill tokens.

Discover unique NFt items, upgrade you hero, trade and get rewards!

Andrew (BSC.News):

Very neat, personally I love RPGs because of the aspect of collecting

And now with blockchain and MemeKiller, it is very cool to see NFTs being added into RPGs

3. Can you tell us about your NFT items and other unique items that users can utilize in game?

Robert Killer:

Yes, of course, I will not show most of our nft items

Andrew (BSC.News):


Robert Killer:


Andrew (BSC.News):

Wow that is super neat

For NFTs there are a ton of details with each one and the 3D modeling for them is really a cool one!

Robert Killer:

Our devs try do best! ⚔️

Andrew (BSC.News):

4. Can you tell us more about the mystery boxes?

Robert Killer:

MemeKiller NFT mystery boxes : 

In mystery  boxes people can get weapons, protection for your fighter, and  various unique items. 

People can use them in the game, get rewards, as well as collect and trade

Soon we will release the first 2 collections

Chinese Brunt 

From this box people can get unique weapons for you warrior. 

This mystery box included normal, rare, super-rare and legendary weapons.

Chinese Guard 

From this box people can get unique skins for you warrior. 

This mystery box included normal, rare, super-rare and legendary armour .

Andrew (BSC.News):

Very cool

5. Do you have an NFT marketplace?

Robert Killer:

Launch our NFT marketplace scheduled for the end of September

Andrew (BSC.News):

Okay thanks for that answer

This next question is one that I have had for many of the Gamefis that have come on here

6. What would happen if your NFTs become too expensive for users to get started? What would you do to lower the barrier of access for players who do not want to spend a lot to get started?

Robert Killer:

We want to reduce the price of nft, so that every person with a minimum amount of money can play and earn.

We also sometimes conduct NFT distributions for our holders!

On fair launch mystery boxes will be fix price, and every people can buy for lowest price. Fc-fs

Andrew (BSC.News):

How many mystery boxes will be available for sale?

Robert Killer:

In first sell around ~1000 pcs

Each boxes

Exact amount will be announce latter

Andrew (BSC.News):


7. Can you tell us more about the gameplay? Do you have any actual in-game footage so far?

Robert Killer:

Yes, of course, the essence of the game is to fight, develop and improve your character , building army, complete tasks and receive 


I will show a small  part of our development

Andrew (BSC.News):

Give me one second to check these out!

Robert Killer:


Andrew (BSC.News):

That’s so cool!

You are literally fighting the meme tokens haha

and I see in the last message the moves have become more developed as well

Andrew (BSC.News):

Awesome! and one thing we haven’t touched on yet it the $KILL token

8. What is the $KILL token? And how is it used on MemeKiller?

Robert Killer:

This token  of our ecosystem

Use for buy NFT , mystery boxes

Upgrade you hero 

Get NfT rewards 

And also play game , and get KILL rewards

There our tokenomics : 

We have max supply – 20,000,000 KIlL

Reserve – 5,000,000 ( locked) 

Token sale – 4,000,000

Play to earn – 3,500,000 (will be locked until launch game)

Ecosystem – 3,500,000

Community and marketing – 2,000,000

Team and advisor – 1,000,000 ( locked) 

User rewards – 1,000,000

Andrew (BSC.News):

Can you use it to upgrade the NFTs as well aside from the hero?

Robert Killer:

Hero = this too  our  main  NFT for game

Andrew (BSC.News):

I mean like can you upgrade the swords, different armor using $KILL?

Robert Killer:

Weapons and armor not subject to upgrade

Andrew (BSC.News):

Oh okay I see

Robert Killer:

But this nft have different characteristics, depends on its rarity

Andrew (BSC.News):

Thanks for that clarification

Which is why you have the mystery boxes which gives everyone a fair shot

totally makes sense

Robert Killer:

Yah, right

Andrew (BSC.News):

Okay so last but not least

9. Any exciting news you would like to announce here today?

Robert Killer:

I would like to tell you about successfully launched our skating KILl! Stake KILL and earn KILL tokens and get NFT rewards!

Also, our team is finishing the development of the NFT marketplace , there are a couple of steps left before the launch 🚀👀

Andrew (BSC.News):


thank you Robert, very exciting stuff

and could you provide us with links to your social media that you would like our community to follow?

Robert Killer:

Telegram group 

Telegram Chanel 

Twitter – 



Andrew (BSC.News):

Great, make sure to go check out MemeKiller everyone! A new and upcoming P2E game coming to BSC where you can literally kill off memecoins ! 😄This is a paid Ask Me Anything (AMA), BSC.News does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. The project team has purchased this advertisement AMA for $2000 Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. BSC.News is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned in the AMA.

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