MemeCoins – MEC, VIBRA, KTN – Rocket Higher, Posting 1000% Gains on Binance Smart Chain

Micro-cap tokens on Binance Smart Chain keep taking the entire crypto market by storm, producing remarkable gains for lucky investors.


MemeCoins are the talk of the town on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) at the moment. These micro-capped tokens have pumped their way into prominence, promoted by influencers, and boosted by established circumstances. With this in mind, crypto holders have played their cards right by investing in some of these tokens, acquiring mammoth incomes. Today, we will dive into the micro-cap token space once again like we have done previously, as they keep making numerous investors richer with massive gains. 

Top Three Micro-caps in the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem 

The micro-cap tokens are experiencing a substantial bullish run amidst the present market volatility. This time, Vibranium (VIBRA), MechaShiba (MEC), and Kitten (KTM) have recorded massive gains, according to BSC Tools. In no particular order, here is a breakdown of all three tokens: 

Vibraniums (VIBRA)

The last time we discussed the Vibraniums incredible surge, it increased by 4208%. As of now, $VIBRA has a 7-day percentage increase of 5900.89%, according to our BSC Tools price index. The protocol Tweeted on the 7th of July about its upcoming Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, and since then, it has been on a steady increase. 


$VIBRA was part of our weekly curated list of top gainers, and the token has had an immense rally. The project remains one of the most capable community-owned NFT marketplaces on the BSC, with the sole aim of becoming the NFT front page on the network. This token has moved substantially in the past weeks so a correction is not out of the playbook.

MecaShiba (MEC) 

The MechaShiba (MEC) token is another low-capped token on the BSC experiencing a bullish run. The token is up by 4824% in the last seven days, with a 24-hour increase of 38.02%. In addition, the token became the number one top gainer on CoinMarketCap (CMC) after listing.


MecaShiba is a robotic clone of ShibaInu on BSC. The protocol plans to dominate the Decentralized Finance Space (DeFi) with smooth codes, token burns, fantastic merchandise, NFTs and gamification. 

Kitten Token (KTN) 

From one memecoin to another, we bring the $KTN token. The Kitten-portrayed token is up by 2563.71% and becomes our third highest gainer on the BSC this week. 

The KTN token gained massive adoption after featuring on CMC for its exclusive airdrop event, which started on the 5th of June and ended on the 10th of June, 2021. 


The memecoin protocol plans to create a NFT marketplace and hold community polls for charity in the coming weeks. What’s more, there will be notable collaborations with famous artists creating NFTs to help generate income. 

Last Words

Again, these low-cap tokens keep taking the entire crypto space by storm with their massive weekly pumps. However, BSC news will keep encouraging you to research well before purchasing any coin. Yes, the numbers are attractive, but still DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

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