Meme Doge Coin AMA Transcript

“MemeDoge is a project which committed to spread the culture of Meme coin”


Welcome to the AMA! The AMA will consist of two rounds. 

The first round will be us going through the questions that I have prepared in advance. 

The second round will be a community round where I will open up the room to allow questions to come in. The second round is also where we will select the two winners of our giveaway.

Does this sound OK and are you ready to start?

Cameron Buckley

Yeah got it, let’s start

1. Please introduce yourself and the team behind MemeDoge

Cameron Buckley

Hi, This is Cameron Buckley, the Co-founder of the Meme Doge Coin project.

I have been working in the blockchain industry since 2019, and now I am almost the CEO of this project. As for my job, I am responsible for overseeing the development of the Meme Doge NFTs, game, swap and wallet.

Our CMO, Gideon Walker, is specialist in meme coin market and advertising. He and one of our colleagues called Chloe lead raids and also helps promote the MemeDoge project.  here is his linkedin profile link


Thank you! Good to see the team are not anonymous!

2. Can you give us a brief overview of MemeDoge Coin and the vision of the project?

Cameron Buckley

MemeDogeCoin is a meme cryptocurrency that is designed to combine all of the beloved and unique features observed in the meme coin market. The project is aimed at providing incentives to community members to join campaigns like viral meme marketing and meme contests. It will also have its ecosystem shortly. 

MemeDoge aims to be the next doge-killer just like Shib and Floki did.


Very ambitious! I will come back to that later.

3. I can see your presale starts in approximately 15 hours, how do you expect this to go?

Cameron Buckley

There are a lot of ppl applying for whitelist now and wanna join the presale now, so I suppose we will hit the hc in a short time.

4. Great, when is the token open to the public to trade on PancakeSwap?

Cameron Buckley

1 hr after presale ending my fren

5. You mention an ‘anti-sniper’ mechanism on your website, is this just for launch or does it include front-running also?

Cameron Buckley

We use this mechanism to protect our investors, so yeah it’s for both launch and front-running.

6. Nice! Can you give us an overview of the tokenomics of DogeMeme?

Cameron Buckley


LOW tax: 6%

1% into BLACKHOLE which make the price keep rising

5% for marketing which bring us more frens


Thanks again…you are making me laugh with all this ‘frens’ stuff 


7. Just under ⅓ of all tokens not in the burn/black hole allocation are for the marketing and team, do you see this as a potential problem down the road?

Cameron Buckley

We don’t see that as a problem. Don’t worry we are a long-term project and got enough budget.

8. There are four areas on your website that caught my eye and they are; MemeDoge NFT, MemeDoge Metaverse, MemeDoge Wallet and MemeDoge Swap. Could you tell us about each of them?

Cameron Buckley

MemeDogeCoin is expected to develop its own Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which will provide liquidity to MemeDogeCoin as well as other tokens to be announced later. To ensure liquidity pools are sturdy, the DEX will implement LP farming/staking. This will allow investors to gain some passive yield. 

The MemeDoge Wallet is a reliable online wallet that will make sending, receiving and using tokens as easy as transacting using a brokerage or an online payment system. The Wallet is expected to be fully released along with the proposed MemeDoge game. 

The MemeDogeCoin community is working on launching a proprietary game within the MemeDogeCoin ecosystem called the MemeDoge game.  It will include all of the latest features that one finds in hit P2E games online. The game will allow players to win MemeDoge tokens by staking their NFTs and can trade them in the NFT market. The game will feature other features such as advanced skills learning, land auctions, village constructions and unions just to name a few.


Wow! Do you have an idea of when the game could be released?

Cameron Buckley

we will release the swap first and then the game together with NFTs

9. Could you talk us through your road-map and some potential dates we should be looking forward to?

Cameron Buckley

Check the roadmap in our web, just scroll down and U will find it. We are doing well so far.  As I said just now in the next few weeks we will release the memedoge swap

10. Are your contracts audited and if so, who by?

Cameron Buckley

yeah Double Audited:

1 . Audit Rate Tech

2. Tech-Audit

11. Currently ownership of your contract is not renounced, will this change after presale?

Cameron Buckley

Sure. In the schedule.

12. Why should people invest in MemeDoge and not another meme token?

Cameron Buckley

As mentioned before, MemeDogeCoin will include all of the most beloved and popular features that one would find with any other successful meme-based cryptocurrency on the market. However, there are certain features with stand out in the case of MemeDogeCoin. Just like NFT, P2E game, Swap and wallet.


Thank you…if you could pick just one stand-out unique selling point for MemeDoge, what would it be?

Cameron Buckley

unlike other meme coin it will got it’s own NFTs, game and utility

13. Is there anything I have missed you would like to mention?

Cameron Buckley


Go apply for whitelist and Join our presale guys. Only 1000BNB hc we are sure it will be sold out in a short time.

Two ways to get whitelisted:

1.Click the link below and complete the tasks to get whitelisted: 

2.Create a meme or GIF about MoemeDge and send it to the TG group together with your bsc address, also @Chloememedoge 

we recommend you this tool below to create meme for our lovely MemeDoge:

14. Thanks again, apart from the above, is there any exciting news you can share with us today?

Cameron Buckley

The devs are working hard on developing the memedogeswap now. We believe it will come out soon. stay tuned guys:D


Sweet…have you got any sneak peaks or screenshots of this at all?

Cameron Buckley

yeah we will release the beta version pics in the near future.


Exciting…I will keep my eyes and ears peeled! 

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