MegaDoge – Bridging Investors To Variety Of Mega Games

MegaDoge is a Binance Smart Chain-based Blockchain Ecosystem. The ideal ecosystem for investors to make variable money decisions.


MegaDoge enables investors to become shareholders through a serious reward system, the use of the Smart Staking and Farming functions, and participation in a variety of Mega Games. MegaDoge is the ideal ecosystem for investors to make variable money decisions.

MegaKingdom – a fun-to-earn blockchain-based game – will be the first game in the MegaDoge ecosystem. MegaKingdom is the start of our MegaDoge Metaverse – MegaVerse. In MegaVerse, players will be able to play and earn hundreds of games.

MegaDoge aspires to be one of the most appealing Metaverses for all players worldwide, as well as to accelerate the adoption of Blockchain technology in real life. Establish a seamless connection between traditional players and the Blockchain-based gaming industry.

Megaverse And Megakingdom


With MegaVerse, investors now have the opportunity to earn money as a side hustle. Mega Games enable players to earn money relatively easily. There will be numerous games in MegaDapps, and the games will be so simple that players will not need to strategize or purchase eggs to hatch, as they do in other NFT games. Even newcomers can profit from our MegaVerse.



The first game will be titled “MegaKingdom,” a kingdom renowned for its fertility and a plethora of treasures. 

Players will take on the role of Treasure Hunters in search of an ideal life of happiness and wealth. The Mega Kingdom consists of four islands: Gold Island, Sapphire Island, Diamond Island, and Ruby Island. Each land has a unique set of treasures and mining costs. Players have the option of mining treasures on any of the four islands.


Main Features

Mega Staking

Mega staking can be an excellent way to generate passive income with your cryptocurrency. Staking is the mechanism by which new transactions are added to the blockchain in the MegaDoge protocol, which is based on the proof-of-stake model. Investors make MegaDoge commitments to the cryptocurrency protocol. The protocol selects validators from among these investors to confirm transaction blocks. The more MegaDoge you pledge, the better your chances of being chosen are. Each time a new block is added to the blockchain, a new MegaDoge is minted and distributed to the block’s validator as staking rewards. The rewards are typically in MegaDoge and are proportional to the amount of MegaDoge invested in the Mega protocol.

Mega Farming

Yield farming is a method of increasing the value of your cryptocurrency through a process called liquidity mining. Users are liquidity providers in Mega smart farming, lending MegaDoge to the smart contract to earn rewards based on the number of holdings. The more MegaDoge you contribute to the liquidity pool, the more rewards you will receive.


Token Details

Name: MegaDoge

Ticker: $MegaDoge

Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 10.000.000

Token Allocation


Presale – 40%

Liquidity – 26%

Team – 4%

Marketing & Partners – 8%

Airdrop – 2% 

Game ecosystem and Staking – 20%



Q4 – 2021


Website building

Smart contract building

Social channel building

Arranging cooperation with partners

Marketing planning

Protocol complete

Q1 – 2022


Mega Game Testnet

150,000 telegram members

Launching on Pancakeswap

Coingecko & Coinmarketcap

Mega Game Mainnet 

Mega Smart Staking

Mega Smart Farming

Q2 – 2022


NFT marketplace

50,000 holders

More Mega Games



Big Step

75,000 holders

Mega Launchpad

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