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Cryptodaily Admin: Hey hey BSCDaily-ers!!!! I hope you guys stay strong in this market I know it’s been a tough day, that is why today I’m bringing you all a wonderful project called: MegaDoge

I have here with me MegaVerse Founder from the MegaDoge project. Welcome to our family and how are you holding on?

MegaVerse Founder: Hi BSCDaily-ers. Nice to e-meet you all. It’s been a tough day, yup. But we will get through it all if we stick together.

I’m great, mate. Many thanks. What about you?

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m still hodling! But I’m really excited for today’s AMA! I get pumped when there’s an AMA coming up and especially, MegaDoge is bring $300 for the prize pool

The community is going to be super enthusiastic about this, you’ll see. And I think we can’t let them wait any longer. Are you ready to begin this AMA?

MegaVerse Founder: always ready

Q1: Please walk us through what MegaDoge is all about? Are there any specific inspirations behind it?

MegaVerse Founder: Thanks for your question! So first about MegaDoge:

With MegaDoge, investors now become shareholders based on a serious reward system, users of smart Staking and Farming function and players of many Mega Games. MegaDoge is the perfect ecosystem where investors can have variable making money choices.

The first game in the MegaDoge ecosystem will be MegaKingdom – a fun to earn blockchain – based game. MegaKingdom can be considered as the beginning of our MegaDoge Metaverse – MegaVerse. There will be hundreds of games for players to play and earn in MegaVerse.

And about MegaDoge motivation:

Gaming is now an indispensable part of modern life. Thanks to Blockchain adoption, players now can have fun in both playing and earning at the same time. Unfortunately, blockchain – based games are very difficult for traditional players in reaching and understanding mechanisms because of the fact that blockchain games are very complex. Therefore, lots of traditional players won’t choose Blockchain – Based games in their portfolio even if they can earn benefits from their playing.  

Recognizing that situation, MegaDoge has worked hard to build a MegaVerse with games that are simple, easy to understand for traditional players because of the fact that blockchain technology is changing the Game industry but it will not be efficient without traditional users.

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow so you’re not just a meme token but rather an ecosystem including gaming, staking, farming, etc

MegaVerse Founder: yup mate. Actually, we’re not meme, just love the Doge coin anyway, haha

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s great! You have to love the Doge!

Q2: Can you tell us a bit about the team and their experience with crypto projects?

MegaVerse Founder: Sure mate. We are a team of experienced traders, developers and gaming designers. All have more than 5 years of experience. We’re working very hard day by day with a vision of delivering the best services for MegaDoge. Always listen and develop because we all know that we’re not the best in Crypto, but smart working can define who we are in the market. And if you guys have any consideration about MegaDoge, or recommendations for us to be better, feel free to reach us on MegaDoge community. We are always here for you.

 Q3: Let’s talk about your token. What is the Tokenomics of MegaDoge? Is MegaDoge audited by any institution?

MegaVerse Founder: Token Name: MegaDoge

Symbol: MegaDoge

Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 10.000.000

Contract address: 0xe98BA76A65B09C98c735483E380BE4dBEA0d50f4

You guys can check our token on BSCscan. easy to track because we got the logo on BSCscan

For details of MegaDoge tokenomics, you guys can check it out on our official pitch deck:

It includes our token allocation as well as the vesting process. MegaDoge is also audited by SolidProof, also done with the KYC process. You guys can check through those links:

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for this! Let’s talk about the features of MegaDoge

Q4: What are the features of MegaDoge right now, and what about the features in the near future?

MegaVerse Founder: Right now, MegaVerse can be considered as our main feature, and MegaKingdom is the first game in the MegaVerse. With MegaVerse, Investors now have the chance to make money as their own career. With Mega Games, players can have incomes pretty easily. There will be many games in Mega Dapps, games will be so simple that players do not have to arrange strategy or buy eggs to hatch as other NFT games. Even newbies can earn money with our MegaVerse.

In the near future, Mega Smart Staking and Farming will be launched. So investors will have variable making money choices.

Q5: So you are focused on Megaverse at the moment and the first game is going to be MegaKingdom. Do you want to introduce us to the game?

Cryptodaily Admin: What can we do in the game?

MegaVerse Founder: oh I’m so excited about MegaKingdom

Our first game will be called the “MegaKingdom”, a Kingdom which is famous for its fertility and many kinds of treasures. Players will participate in the game as Treasure Hunters who are looking for an ideal life of happiness and richness. There are 4 islands in MegaKingdom: Gold Island, Sapphire Island, Diamond Island and Ruby Island. Each island has different kinds of treasure’s value as well as Mining cost.

Also, you guys can go on our website: then test the game. We’ve already published the testnet of MegaKingdom. Have fun and Enjoy!

Cryptodaily Admin: Sounds wonderful and you already has a testnet

MegaVerse Founder: yup mate

Q6: When is the official MegaDoge game launching? Any specific plans?

MegaVerse Founder: The official MegaKingdom version will be launched right after listing. Get ready to become our first player and enjoy your time.

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice, and I bet you’re having tons of events right now to promote the game

Q7: MegaDoge is currently having a whitelist contest for the community. Tell us more about it and are there any exciting events in the near future?

MegaVerse Founder: For being our lucky participant, you need to register through this link:

I can show you guys some information of MegaDoge Whitelist contest:

Total 1600 winners including:

Top 600 users with the most entries

1000 random users

The whitelist winners are able to participate in the Whitelist Round of MegaDoge presale event.

End date: Jan 26, 07:00 AM UTC

About presale event:

Token: MegaDoge

Hard Cap: 500 BNB

Max contribution: 1 BNB

Price: 1 BNB = 8,000 MegaDoge

Vesting: 80% at TGE, releasing 10% per month in the next 2 months

For details, please join our community:

Also we’ll have “MegaKingdom Testnet Competition” where people can join and test the game. Event details will be published on our official community soon.

Better do it quickly guys

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice going! Go out there and test your luck people!!

Q8: Where can we find out more about MegaDoge on social media?

Cryptodaily Admin: Thanks

Here are the official social links of MegaDoge, feel free to join our project:








Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with MegaDoge

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

MegaVerse Founder: thanks, and many thanks to BSCDaily – ers. You guys are so amazing. I love to be here with you through this AMA. And hope that you’ll all support MegaDoge and our MegaVerse. And stay strong through this tough period. Sun always rises and of course, the Market too.

Cryptodaily Admin: Well said. It has been a pleasure for me too and we appreciate your presence in the group! Best of luck to MegaDoge!!

MegaVerse Founder: My pleasure mate

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