Meet WalletNow – Easy Crypto & DeFi Monitoring for the Binance Smart chain

Its extensive feature set is intended to serve portfolio monitoring use-cases ranging from the most basic to the most complicated.


WalletNow collects all of your crypto assets from various sources and organizes them into a simple, tidy, and searchable table. 

Supported protocols

WalletNow presently supports a variety of crypto investment sources, including Binance Exchange, 17 DeFi protocols and 9 Distributed Exchanges (with more protocols added periodically).

For Binance Exchange, you may connect your Binance Exchange account to Wallet Now to view all of your Binance investments, as well as DeFi and others, combined.

To enable this feature you will need to follow these steps:

1.Login to your Binance account

2. Navigate to “User Center” -> “API Management”

3. Give a label to your key (for example “WalletNow”), and click on Create.

4. Enter your security verification codes

5. Copy the “API Key” and “Secret Key” generated

6. Optional: You can also edit the settings of the key to make it read only. By default, API Keys are created with “Spot & Margin Trading” permissions, which are not required by Wallet Now.

7. Open Wallet Now and log-in to your account

8. Open the “Account Settings”, enable Binance Integration and enter the keys you copied

9. Click on SAVE and return to your account data screen. All your Binance holdings (including open orders) will be included in the list now.

For other investments, you can manually register investments in any unsupported location for bespoke investments (even other chains). 

There are some important limitations with custom investments:

– The reported data is based exclusively on the amount of tokens invested and the current price of the token.

– The platform supports only BEP20 tokens (all Binance Smart Chain tokens). If there is no corresponding token in the BSC, you will need to register with a similar token or in Dollars.

Cool features

Telegram bot: Check the status of your portfolio at any time and from any location.

– Active monitoring through Telegram alerts. Get alerted if your investments experience unusual volatility. Set your alarm thresholds.

– On Binance Smart Chain, you can see all of your DeFi investments, including all BEP20 coins and an ever-expanding list of protocols!

– The Time Machine: Examine how your previous investments fared. Included are historical exchange rates.

– Each account can have up to five wallets. View them all as part of the same account, along with totals that have been consolidated.

– Connect with your Binance Exchange account to see all of your off-chain crypto assets in one location. (More exchanges will follow shortly.)

– Customized crypto vault investments from unsupported protocols should be registered.

– Views in depth, including per-token information and currency conversions.


Their next steps are:

– Grab more feedback from the community to ensure it fits the most demanding power users

– Launch the “WalletNow Membership”, which will grant access to the more advanced features by simply holding $WNOW tokens on your wallet

– Continue on “BUIDLING” and improving – always!


WalletNow is completely free to use indefinitely. To offset infrastructure and development expenses, they may offer premium plans to access some of the most sophisticated capabilities in the future. Right now, all features are completely free to use, so go ahead and take use of them.

Source : bscdaily

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