Meet The Mining Token, the next level of DeFi ecosystem

The Mining Token, regarded as one of the best innovations in the DeFi ecosystem, provides investors with ETH at the greatest apr via their utility token.ADVERTISEMENT


When seeking for private investors, the team found that the Proof of Work (POW) mining process is no longer decentralized since private investors become extremely engaged and lose their desired anonymity. That encourages them to take the POW to the next level, fully utilizing the blockchain’s potential and creating something completely decentralized from start to finish.

As a result, The Mining Token ($ TMT) was created in order to completely decentralize the Proof of Work mining process, from investment to profit, and therefore tear down the boundaries established by Proof of Work mining.

The Mining Token is the first token that provides Ethereum rewards that are entirely derived from mining. You are welcomed to become a true miner and begin earning the greatest long-term Ethereum payouts in the market.

Sustainable investment

TMT is able to deliver highly attractive returns to investors due to all of these characteristics. By investing in TMT, you are investing in Ethereum mining, which means that, unlike the rest of the cryptocurrencies, you will not have to rely on the price of the $TMT to later sell it at a higher price, but you will profit from the Ethereum you receive from mining. 

In order to limit risk, they mine $ETH in key areas. Having a mining pool lowers expenses, and they also operate on the Binance Smart Chain, which has the lowest fees in the ecosystem. TMT is the first DeFi initiative that generates income in ETH using Proof of Work and supports mining.

Ecosystem sustainability and innovation

Equipment – they research and monitor the mining equipment market in order to purchase the most lucrative units accessible. They diversify their portfolio in order to reduce their exposure to a single machine type, a single region, and a single hosting facility.

Electricity and management cost – because they are located in nations with the best electricity rates, they operate a very lean and clean business with minimal power costs. Remote management feature reduces labor expenses and eliminates a lot of outsourcing. Furthermore, by 2025, they intend to be totally carbon neutral. This reduces the cost of power while also contributing to a cleaner atmosphere.

Availability – Their mining facilities have an uptime of more than 99 percent due to stable power supply and automated miner management.

TMT offers a major advantage over solo or cloud mining. TMT offers expert management, total decentralization, and the opportunity to maximize mining returns. Furthermore, TMT has low entrance barriers and is simple to quit if you have lost interest in the project.

MTO – Mining token Offerings

Because they will be boosting mining capacity, new tokens will only be released during the pre-sale or MTO (Mining Token Offering).

The MTO is the greatest moment to purchase $TMT since it raises the quantity of Mega Hashes accessible and more Ethereum is mined every day, which is then divided proportionately among all holders.

They raise funds from individuals all around the world who are willing and eager to mine till they achieve the required amount. This investment will be made in each MTO that they create. After the “pre-sale” (also known as the MTO) is completed, The Mining Token will utilize the proceeds to increase Ethereum mining power within the facilities. Immediately following the MTO, each of the new $TMT holders will begin to receive their mining profits in Ethereum in proportion to the quantity of $TMT they choose to stake in the various pools.


Their utility token is $TMT. By holding $TMT, you become a member of their community and will be rewarded with Ethereum profits generated by mining power.

TMT, unlike other currencies, does not have inflationary pools; their pools solely create ETH straight from their mining machines. $TMT is exclusively coined during MTOs (Mining Token Offerings – Presales), where the precise quantity of $TMT produced corresponds to the new amount of mining power (MHs) that may be acquired with the money gathered in the MTO. As a result, even after minting additional tokens, the mining power of a $TMT coin is not diluted.

Given that $TMT correlates to a fixed amount of mining power (MHs – Mega Hashes), every $TMT token (in the same pool) will always yield the same amount of Ethereum. And, as previously said, this will remain unchanged even after several MTOs.

TMT imposes a 25% fee on all mined Ethereum, which is used to cover the costs of installations, deposits, refrigerated machines, earnings, marketing, and, most importantly, power.

Detail information

Ticker: TMT

Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Format: BEP20

Initial Supply: 4,509 TMT

Presale: 3,968 TMT

Locked Liquidity: 541 TMT


Q3 2021: Project start-up.

First MTO (Mining Token Offering) will take place.

Q4 2021: Audit.

They will be audited by one of the best audit companies.

Q1 2022: First Expansion.

They want to expand their existing mining facility in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

Q2 2022: Second Expansion.

In Asuncion, Paraguay, a new mining facility will be built.

Q3 2022: Third Expansion.

New mining center will be developed in Oklahoma, USA.

ETH Earnings

All Ethereum rewards generated by mining power will be divided in three separate pools based on your preferences:

Flex Pool: This pool will divide 35% of all mining revenue and is ideal for individuals who are new to the Ethereum mining business and wish to earn a bit less in return for keeping their tokens available at all times.

30 Days Locked Pool: Will distribute 50% of all mining earnings and is ideal for individuals who are in the mining industry for the medium-long term and do not mind keeping their tokens in staking for extended periods of time.

TMT – BUSD LP Pool: Will share 15% of all mining profits. Designed to reward individuals who wish to increase the project’s liquidity and make it more reliable.


Given the rising demand for cryptocurrencies and the market’s one-of-a-kind potential, they recognize that no one wants to be left out. Setting up an Ethereum miner, on the other hand, necessitates not just a big investment, but also technical knowledge and a great deal of devotion. The Mining Token is a solution for all businesses that wish to capitalize on the technology revolution but cannot do so alone.

They handle the mining process from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting paid every day. They are in charge of negotiating with suppliers, installing the equipment, storing it in our warehouse, and conducting maintenance. Mining has never been easier or more profitable than it is now.

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