Meet Starchi, A Compelling and Rewarding Game with Dual Token Economy

Starchi is a Play-to-Earn game in the fantasy world of Starchi where players may find love and care, inspired by the Tamagotchi concept. 


Story background

Greed, strife, sorrow, starvation, and apathy have taken over the World of Starchi. Humanity has lost its direction and forgotten its purpose, but most importantly, it has forgotten that it does not live alone on Earth.

Darkness has crept throughout the world, invisible to all but a new race of beings known as Starchi. The Starchi, who had lived within the Earth and relied on the energy of the Sun, has now ventured out in quest of new energy, as the Sun no longer beams upon their dwellings.

Then there was the connection of two kinds: human and Starchi. A group of children befriend the Starchi, feed them, and care for them, creating a bond between the two kinds. Feeding off their empathy, Starchis become happy again. After months of the first Human-Starchi interaction, humans all over the world have adopted Starchis, who bring peace, calm, and happiness to all, making the future appear a bit more promising.

These people have learned about Starchi development – how to nurture and care for them – and have ultimately begun friendly wars between themselves for fair salaries. Various little fighting leagues have sprouted up all over the place, and the Starchi has become the league’s heroes. The Starchi and their caregivers have finally restored some optimism to the planet, and Hope has been Reborn.


Starchi, which was inspired by the well-known Tamagotchi concept, gives gamers a nostalgic sensation while they play. If you like the Pokemon games and other similar games, you will undoubtedly enjoy Starchi.

The well-designed environments, accompanied by a detailed tale and mythology, will astound any gamer. Beyond simply playing to earn money, you will be able to engage with the tale and immerse yourself in the world of Starchi, which is similar to our current world.

Dual Token Economy

Starchi will run on a dual-token economy. The first token will be used to trade Starchis, while the second will give economic incentives in-game.

$START – The token utilized by their incubator launchpad to allow entry to the game and exchange Starchi 

Starchi Liquid Luck ($ELIXIR) – Their magical mix that makes the Collector wealthier for a period of time (while in possession of the elixir)

How to play

Starchi Collectors are in charge of obtaining and caring for Starchis from birth to adulthood. They are also in charge of avoiding the extinction of Starchi-kind. Collectors gain money through friendly conflicts in order to be among the top Collectors in their town.

What a Collector should know before playing:

Acquiring Starchis: Starchi collectors acquire Starchis by purchasing them in various stages from the local marketplace. These can be freshly-minted Starchi eggs; toddler, teenager, and adult Starchis; and Neglected Starchis listed for adoption. 

Preventing Extinction: Collectors grow Starchis from hatched eggs into toddlers, through adulthood. Quite a lot of tasks need to be done to make sure your Starchis will survive. 

Starchis and Elements: Each Starchi has distinct qualities and metrics that indicate its present status. A Starchi can have one or more components with power ratios ranging from 1 (lowest) to 10. (highest). During fights, elements influence attack vectors. 

Hatch, Nurture and Earn: Growing Starchis is a lot of fun! There is also a prize for conscientious Starchi Collectors who love and care for their Starchis.  

Join friendly battles: For a little charge, every Starchi Collector may construct a fight arena and choose which Starchi from their collection will participate. Winners receive the bulk of the charge, as well as profits in reward tokens. 

Climb the Leaderboard: Several statistics are tracked to assist in identifying top Starchi Collectors and their Starchis. Those with a better rank can earn more money.

How to earn

The World of Starchi is a Play to Earn economy that pays Collectors based on the fulfillment of specific tasks. The tokenomics plan calls for a 20,000,000 ELIXIR Play to Earn allocation for in-game incentives.

By winning bouts, you may earn START arena fees and ELIXIR.

Earn ELIXIR by participating in future contests and tournaments.

Earn START & ELIXIR by staking your earnings.

Earn ELIXIR by reaching the top of leaderboards such as Most Active Collector, Longest Starchi Holder, and others.

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