Meet Ounce Network – The ecosystem aims to build one of the biggest A-NFT libraries


The Ounce Network is a decentralized money market that aims to combine the liquidity of various DeFi concepts into a decentralized platform that offers a single non-custodial portal into the entire digital assets market.

The project’s key goals are to address the needs of cryptocurrency ventures and customers for conventional services, as well as to provide access to investment products.

The protocol employs blockchain technology to ensure transaction transparency and addressability. The Ounce Network solution also includes a lending/borrowing mechanism, cryptocurrency insurance, and simple cross-chain switching from one crypto asset to another.

Ounce Gaming’s Innovative Features

To win prizes, use Ounce to play highly entertaining fantasy games and quizzes.

NFTs in ounces

– Get exclusive NFT by auction sales or by farming $OUC and receiving rewards that can be redeemed for cards.

Insure by the ounce

– Protect yourself against Smart Contract failure and mitigate the risks.

Ounce Swap

– Immediately swaps assets with liquidity from various exchanges.

Farming with a Yield of One Ounce

– Deposit your crypto assets and collect the best interest rates available.

Pay by the Ounce

– On the Ounce Network website, you can buy and sell tokens with your ounce pass, as well as purchase NFTs, games, and participate in various programs.

The Ounce Network ecosystem will provide a wide range of applications that will enable its users to perform the activities depicted below. Our ecosystem also aspires to house one of the largest A-NFT libraries, to recognize and reward its authors, and to raise funds for charitable causes.

Token Economics and Specifics

There will be no more token updates. If no one buys any of the $OUC available for purchase, the remaining tokens are lost. Token delivery occurs immediately after the completion of the token sale.


Q1 2021:

– Design of Ounce Network idea, concept and business plan.

– Development of the Ounce Network smart Contract for token release. 

– Platform development continuation. 

– Conduction of private sale/ IDO

– Listing on PancakeSwap

– Continuation of awareness campaign

Q2 2021:

– Launch of Farming and Staking programme. 

– Listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges. 

– Unveiling of Ounce Swap with feeless DEX trading.

– Ounce Airdrop

– Launch of swappable NFT marketplace. 

– Launch of the Ounce Gaming marketplace. 

– Launch of Ounce Pay (Buy $OUC with credit card). 

– Full website overhaul and relaunch. 

Q3 2021:

– Crypto subscription.

– Staking as NFTs. 

– Ounce Swap DOA.

– Continuation of active marketing campaigns to attract end-users.

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