Meet HoDooi, the multi-chain marketplace optimized for NFT exchange is a multi-chain NFT marketplace where users can create, buy, sell, and resell digitised goods, which is protected by blockchain technology and powered by the HOD token.

Introduction, which was founded in 2021, has been meticulously developed and constructed to enable its users to generate, purchase, and sell NFTs in a decentralized permissionless environment based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

The Binance Smart Chain is not the only blockchain supported by the platform. Their goal is to build a multi-chain platform that will include Binance Smart Chain and other suitable blockchains as the platform evolves.

The HOD token, the platform’s own cryptocurrency, underpins its services. HOD may be used to make payments, join the platform’s tiered Membership Program, earn Staking Rewards and gain access to special NFTs.

The success of e-marketplace platforms such as Facebook Marketplace demonstrates that users are ready to migrate to platforms that enable more reasonable pricing and commission rates, allow buyers and sellers to negotiate more freely, and ensure that the impact of user reputation and trustworthy reviews is more relevant.

To make an auction listing, a user just has to submit digital material like photographs, choose a blockchain network, and configure the NFT. The platform is not limiting itself to art style NFTs, they have a wide scope roadmap and will integrate the capability to buy and sell eBooks, Internet coupons, Electronic tickets, games and collectables.

What makes HoDooi different

The following are the distinguishing features of

Reduction in Fees and Staking Rewards 

Through customers staking their token in their Membership Program,’s token model will provide HOD token holders with decreased purchasing and selling expenses. has a straightforward fee system that applies to all transactions completed through the platform. A regular transaction will require the buyer and seller to pay a total cost of 5%, split into two 2.5% fees.

Resell Market

The growth of the NFT industry has acted as a motivator for major blockchain protocols to incorporate NFTs into their services. The sale vertical will provide users with NFTs on several blockchains with a spot to resale their NFTs in one spot. wants to fill the void in user experience that others have left by offering an all-in-one solution on a multi-chain platform. At present time, NFTs cannot be transferred from one blockchain to another.

Reward System

All users will be able to receive prizes for accomplishing specified actions such as introducing friends, which will aid in the adoption of the e-marketplace by new users.

Multi-Chain Approach is accessible to all blockchains and compatibility. They do not seek to confine their services to a single blockchain, but rather to give a cross-compatible e-marketplace to their consumers and the whole blockchain ecosystem. Initially focused on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, with research into Chain, Polkadot Chain, and others underway in response to user requests.

User First Approach’s early adopters will be at the forefront of platform adoption; their input on how the product and platform evolves is critical; see the Token Model for more information.

Cross-platform Perpetual Royalties will launch a research and development plan to enable users to employ cross-platform perpetual royalties.

Verified Creator and Seller will use a blue check to verify and certify makers and sellers who contribute to the ecosystem. This will be for accounts with substantial traction and to safeguard consumers and merchants from fraudulent behavior. Verified accounts that do not have the blue check will still appear in the marketplace.

To get verified, a user must first apply on the platform, after which it will be determined if they may become a verified creator and/or merchant. will configure an AI capability to perform the verification procedure in the future.

Tokenizing Non-Fungible Physical Items intends to collaborate with companies to forge a route toward manufacturing non-fungible physical things with an existing ecosystem. They place a high importance on ecosystems.

Assume a relative dies and leaves an artwork in the will to be split among various relatives. The recipients might sell the picture and divide the proceeds among themselves. But what if the item is a valuable asset, such as a unique artwork or a classic sports car?

The HOD token

The HOD cryptocurrency is essential to the basic business strategy of, serving as the platform’s foundation. The HOD token offers extra benefits and increased user engagement by offering its users the lowest fees possible while allowing them to utilize the cryptocurrency for commercial purposes.

Buyers can use the token as a direct payment method for digitized items displayed on their marketplace. Furthermore, the HOD token is part of a reward system for users that contribute to the site.

Sellers will benefit from lower costs thanks to their one-of-a-kind Membership Program. The HOD token will be regulated by smart contracts that will pivot the platform to Web 3.0 while retaining transparency throughout the platform’s procedures.

Token Details

Token Type – BEP20

Blockchain – Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply – 1,000,000,000 (one billion)

Token Allocations 


Token allocation: 14.39% 

Price: 0.03

Lock-up period:

    25% at time of public release 

    75% linearly over a 24 month period


Token allocation: 1.11%

Price: 0.04



Token allocation: 10%

Lock-up period:

    1 year locked

    20% quarterly after 12 months


Token allocation: 12%

Lock-up period: By proposal

Liquidity Fund:

Token allocation: 12.5%


Company Treasury:

Token allocation: 40%

Lock-up period: 10% quarterly


Token allocation: 10%

Lock-up period: By proposal

Use of Proceeds

Infrastructure Development: 40%

Marketing: 35%

Operation & Management: 15%

Customer Support: 5%

Third party Integrations: 5%


Users will get HOD tokens in exchange for staking on the Membership Program, in addition to fee savings. To incentivize users on the platform, they will be distributed into the pool on a diminishing proportion basis.


HOD cryptocurrency will be used as a payment option on the site, among other liquid assets that users can choose to utilize. Better rates, pricing on certain selling channels, and NFT marketplaces will be included in the HOD token.


Sellers can advertise their listings for a charge paid in HOD tokens. will provide direct marketing chances to merchants and strategic partners; the fee of this service will be established based on ad placement, size, and type.

Token Launch

DuckSTARTER and Ignition powered by PAID are the two platforms for’s Initial Dex Offering (IDO). confirms that the native cryptocurrency, the HOD token, will be released on Monday, June 14th.

Public Sale Details

DuckSTARTER (DuckDAO) IDO information as follows:

Whitelist Start: June 07, 2021

Whitelist Close: June 12, 2021

IDO on DuckSTARTER: June 14, 2021

CHAIN: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Ignition powered by PAID (PAID Network) IDO information as follows:

Whitelist Start: June 05, 2021

Whitelist Close: June 08, 2021

IDO on Ignition: June 14, 2021

CHAIN: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Platform Launch has secured $4.3 million in strategic funding as it seeks to become the go-to platform for the fast developing NFT business.

Morning Star Ventures, Mentha Partners, Hillrise Ventures, ZBS Capital, AU21 Capital, Swissborg Ventures, Sora Ventures, DuckDAO, and Master Ventures have all made significant investments in

The team has received $4.3 million in total as they try to realize their goal of a user-friendly, multi-chain, and accessible NFT marketplace.

Mentha Partners said that their objective is to collaborate with crypto initiatives that lead to innovation and disruption in their target industry. Their goal is to coordinate capital investment, platform resources, and strategic initiatives to commercialize a project’s development, ecosystem, and community.


Gold Star Promotions will collaborate with to launch a number of NFT collections featuring a diverse spectrum of artists. The first NFT partnership between the two parties was with Tyson Fury, the world heavyweight champion., a multi-chain NFT marketplace, and Plogix Art Group, an online art marketplace featuring brilliant hand-picked artists, announced their formal cooperation today. This is’s second NFT partnership announcement. will showcase heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury’s NFT collection in its effort to become the go-to-market for buying, selling, trading, and bidding on NFTs, all while dealing a knockout blow to competing platforms.

The multi-chain NFT marketplace has just announced that the NFT community may now register to become an Exclusive Creator, which has resulted in a large flood of people.

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