Meet AlvareNet: Secure P2P Crypto Payment Platform

We’d like to introduce you to AlvareNet. This is a great platform with the goal of changing the game in terms of security forever within the BSC ecosystem.

The AlvareNet token (ALVN) was launched on October 11th, 2021, and is the successor of the Slothi project. As part of the rebranding, the Samari project was also taken over by ALVN. ALVN is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based token whose LP is based on the stable coin BUSD.

Behind ALVN is a team of IT, corporate, and operational professionals who have come together as a community to make their vision of a fair, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency a reality. The personal backgrounds of the team range from solid contract developers to web programmers to project managers of large industrial projects. They represent a healthy mix of all that is needed for the successful operation of a cryptocurrency venture. The core team is complemented by marketing experts.

A team with experience

The team behind AlvareNet is doxxed and made up of members from Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland. They are committed individuals who are carrying the project forward with great expectations from their investors.

“I joined this project because I want to be part of the technological transformation, to be able to leave a mark. It is motivating and satisfying to work with such capable people who have the same goal,” said André, one of AlvareNet’s team members.

AlvareNet is creating a revolutionary ecosystem of dapps to guarantee security in every transaction, trade, or exchange of tangible goods. AlvareNet Network will change the crypto sphere in terms of security FOREVER.

The primary product will be the creation of a P2P platform to secure payments of goods and services using crypto, since that is missing in the cryptocurrency space. A “middleman” principle in the form of a smart contract is used. In this way, the interests of seller and buyer are guaranteed and the execution is ensured.


Another project that is currently being developed is the AlvareBot, a multi-chain and multi-exchange trading and sniping software that will be available on a wide range of devices and operating systems.

“We are building this product to bring more equality to decentralized trading and give users a great tool to trade on decentralized exchanges in a professional, organized, and very fast way,” said Leonard, one of the developers of AlvareNet.

The AlvareNet roadmap is very ambitious. We are convinced that it is a project that will achieve exponential growth.

AlvareNet’s smart contract has been fully subjected to a professional audit by and passed with flying colors on October 9th, 2021.

With a resulting collaboration, the contract was improved and now offers the highest security in functionality, reliability, and accessibility.


Regarding tokenomics, a fee of 11% has been set, which is distributed between 4% for reflections, 3% for the project wallet, and 4% for the liquidity pool.

ALVN Token is already listed on several crypto sites and it’s gained a lot of attention from new investors.

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