Media Partnership with JetFuel Finance

BNB Times is excited to announce our exclusive media partnership with JetFuel Finance Ecosystem!

JetFuel Finance

JetFuel Finance’s Jetswap Dex is a decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM) on BNB Chain, Fantom, & Polygon with low fees and instant trade execution, allowing users to trade from the comfort of their wallet. They’re implementing new changes to their ecosystem that should get their community and other investors excited.

The JetFuel team has given us some insider information about those new elements coming to their ecosystem. Here are a few of the upcoming changes:

Website Redesign

“Backyard Brawl” Event

Token Consolidation

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Polygon on Fortress

Boosted Farms/Pools/Vaults 

NTF Collections & Staking

We’re excited to be the first to share these exciting new updates about our new media partner.

Media Partnership

Our exclusive media partnership with JetFuel Finance will involve special deals for JetSwap & Fortress partners and additional marketing elements. For starters, any project coming from the JetFuel ecosystem that wants to advertise their project on BNBTimes will get 10% off their entire order.

We’ve agreed to this exclusive partnership with JetFuel Finance to be their sole media partner.

We’re looking forward to supporting JetFuel Finance as they continue to build out their platform and add more exciting new elements. We’re also excited to connect with their partners to provide them with some of the best media coverage the BNB Chain ecosystem has to offer.

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