MeDIA eYe – Bringing NFTs Into the Metaverse

With the launch of their NFT Portal, the company seeks to fully unlock the potential of NFTs through their non-custodial platform.

The Portal is Coming

The MeDIA eYe NFT Portal is coming to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain markets this October, putting the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in your hands by unlocking their limitless potential for creators, collectors and promoters all over the globe. We believe that the new world is going to be built on blockchain and that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFTs will lead that revolution.

What is MeDIA eYe?

MeDIA eYe is a non-custodial NFT platform, which is developed to provide convenience and reduce the difficulties that arise with creating, collecting and distributing digital media using NFTs. MeDIA eYe is designed for everyone; artists, brands, gamers, entertainers, social media, marketing agencies, collectors, cryptocurrency protocols, and many others. We want to appeal to the demographic of those mentioned above that are interested in increasing their brand awareness, reach, engagement and immutably store value or transfer digital assets efficiently. 

The MeDIA eYe team has been developing ways to further enhance the NFT industry. Our portal will be the first to introduce a cross-chain subscription-based model and an NFT launcher capable of reaching an unlimited size audience across multiple blockchains cost-efficiently. Our developers are always working on a solution to reduce gas fees for artists, collectors and buyers alike!

As a platform, we harness the power of NFTs and further work to increase their utility for our users. We ensure that artists and users of our platform enjoy an easy-to-use and moderated NFT marketplace that will allow them to enhance their experiences and connect with NFTs as never before. MeDIA eYe strives to increase the utility of NFTs, by combining DeFi with NFTs and placing NFTs in the center of an event or campaign.

MeDIA eYe has now opened its whitelist registration for a pre-IDO Public Presale funding round for a limited time, which can be joined by anyone!

To learn more about MeDIA eYe, visit the following links:

MeDIA eYe NFT Portal

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