Medabots might be one of the largest misleading projects that took place on the BSC Blockchain

The start of a master scam that changed everything for the investors of Medabots on BSC.

Even though we all know that cryptocurrency and blockchain is a new technology that has yet to be settled and find their roots before we can speak of proper global adoption, therefore a lot of misleading projects come and go and this part is inevitable.

Most of these misleading projects are so easily revealed and labeled as a scam that even though some individuals are losing money here or there the majority of people often realize it before they fall for it. Unfortunately once in a while, certain projects are able to create such a spectacular entrance that they immediately convince the majority the first time they hear about it. 

This kind of misleading project is often labeled as a Master scam because it requires a lot of preparation and at least one mastermind to utilize it properly. We cannot prevent scammers have always been around us and will always remain to be around us, however, what we can do is expose the breadcrumbs that have been left behind for others to pick up. 

Whether it is called an investigation or a movement, when it is clear that you have been screwed over then some of us will do everything that is in our power to clear the air for those that do not understand what happened. It is even harder when there are multiple parties involved, making it harder to understand what took place and who was responsible for certain actions.

When misleading projects are so cruel that they continue to make you believe that they are the real deal, yet trying to trick you into their mind games over and over at a certain point they have dug so deep in the ground that they have no way to get out of it other than admitting what they have done.

The Start of the Medabots Play2Earn Crypto Game

It is undeniable that the start of the Medabots Play2Earn Crypto Game in 2021 was established really well and everyone including myself as a writer of this article were fooled into what had taken place. The brand was established so well with amazing game content material and customized robots based on the famous video game franchise with great names from all sorts of big companies, sports teams and tv shows the tone was set. A solid community was shaped where lots of shill armies had taken over spreading a warm and cozy feeling, daily VC calls where hosts, and investors had the opportunity to participate in free giveaway events and everyone was nearly always happy.

In between these VC calls great AMAs where hosted by prominent figures expressing their love and passion for the Medabots brand, remembering their childhoods and how amazing the future of the Medabots Game would become. Everyone was convinced that this had the potential to become the greatest blockchain game project on the BSC blockchain and everyone tried to contribute to the community to be part of one big happy family.

Even though a lot of people were skeptical about the project a lot of effort was put into convincing the community about the long-term goals of the Medabots Play2Earn Gaming project.  Everyone was hyped about the potential of this project and great promises were made in regard to the vision of the Medabots empire. Especially the daily group calls such as Telegram VC, Twitter Spaces, Youtube Streams, and Live Events from many of the great influencers and in my opinion mostly very kind and humble people who were also in love with what it could have become were so motivational and sometimes emotional that you just did not want to step out of it. Everyone kept convincing each other to hold faith in the future of the project and to remain positive.

Especially in the beginning, it was not clear that the team behind the Medabots Crypto Project existed out of multiple groups that were bound through legal agreements. Essentially meaning that the Video Game was established by Kevin Comadran (Likely to be renamed to Medamon in the near future). And the Crypto side of things such as the MEDA token and strategic goals towards the future implementation and adoption of the digital asset was established by Fadi Khalil mostly known as Mr. Chaptem. It really appeared as one big happy family, everyone was working hard together in great harmony working on the same vision, the great future of the play2earn mechanism for Medabots. 

The Legal Dispute between Imagineer and Comadran Studios that fooled the world

Most people were convinced that Kevin Comadrán de Frutos indeed had received the rights to trademark Medabots in Europe, and that Kevin Comadrán de Frutos was taking legal actions against Imagineer to refrain Imagineer from continuing to use the name. I must admit that it was prepared so well and though it was very unlikely at the beginning, for me to believe it as a great fan of the video game franchise Medabots as more updates were revealed. Public figures expressed their excitement about the future of this new Era for Medabots, where blockchain and cryptocurrency were going to play a major role. Many people were invested in it and tried to help out in many ways to grow the project.

I like to express that it was very hard to see through this as from an international point of view Imagineer did not provide a clear statement from their side of my opinion. Comadran Studios and the MEDA Token Team expressed themselves clearly and shared a lot of resources when it came to the legal status of both the MEDA Trademark/IP as well as the legal dispute between both sides.

One of our articles from the past (which we decided to take it offline a while ago because it has become very clear that the perspective that was promised is by no means comparable to the reality today. As a writer from this article as well as a few articles in the past, I will make a public apology to several individuals as well as the readers from our news platform later on in this article.

Medabots Trademark Dispute

  • Imagineer, a video game developer based in Tokyo, has released a statement regarding the trademark dispute of MEDABOTS in Europe. The company plans to win back ownership of the trademark after another person claimed and used it to prevent the company from releasing games from the well-known franchise in the region.
  • According to Imagineer’s press release released on January 13, 2021, Kevin Comadrán De Frutos, an owner of the European Union Trademark registration on MEDABOTS (trademark number: 017847161) filed a request for a temporary restraining order with the Commercial Court located in Alicante, Spain, which the court granted on July 15, 2020.
  • The court’s order temporarily prohibits Imagineer from selling games that infringe Comadrán’s trademark rights on platforms such as Google Play and Apple Store in a manner that can be downloaded from the EU. Comadrán also filed a trademark infringement action against Imagineer, and the action is currently pending before the Commercial Court in Alicante.
  • In response, Imagineer filed an objection against the temporary restraining order. The company also filed a counterclaim against Comadrán, seeking to have the MEDABOTS trademark registration transferred to it, or in the alternative cancel the said registration.

Sources:,, Justia Trademarks, Intellectual Property Office,

Imagineer continues to fight back against Comadran Studios

While many of us including myself thought that Kevin Comadran was shaping the future of Medabots we have all come to realize by now that he was trying to take it over and came quite far in making the world believe that he was. With sources like Bloomberg, AsiaPlaw, and active Trademark and Intellectual Property attempts which at the same time were strongly promoted by prominent figures as mentioned this was doomed to cost a lot of money and that a lot of people around the world would soon come to realize that we were stuck in a hoax.

Imagineer stood up and fought back against Comadran Studios resulting in a cancellation of the EU Trademark and any other requests that were made by Kevin Comadrán de Frutos were dismissed.

Official Statement by Imagineer in regard of actions by Comadran Studios

Regarding the trademark infringement lawsuit against our company, which was announced in our press release dated January 13, 2021, “Notice of Dispute Concerning the Trademark of ‘MEDABOTS’,” we would like to inform you that a judgment has been rendered to the effect that the other party’s claim has been dismissed.

On May 26, 2020, Kevin Comadrán de Frutos (hereinafter referred to as “Mr. However, on November 29, 2021, the same court ordered the cancellation of the EU trademark and rejected Mr. Comadran’s request. A decision to dismiss was made.

The Company intends to continue to deal solemnly with the aim of finalizing the above judgment.

the original source directly at

This content is translated

“I also want to take the opportunity to apologize to Imagineer for the articles that we wrote in the past believing that Kevin Comadran was correct, I can understand very well that Imagineer has no interest in receiving this apology from anyone that supported the Medabots Play2earn project from Comadran Studios in the past.“

Jaimy de Vries

The never-ending Thread of Jonathan Holmes (Crait)

Another person who seemed to have been right about things, in the end, is Jonathan Holmes (which most people know as Crait). Jonathan Holmes and I share a history of having different opinions about the subject of Medabots / Meda Currency.

At the time when I wrote an article with my opinion about his thread about the entire dispute between Imagineer and Comadran Studios I, unfortunately, cannot deny that I saw a future in the vision of Comadran Studios and still believed that they were in a very strong position and that Imagineer didn’t express themselves in similar ways was because they didn’t want their fanbase to realize that they had lost the trademark or intellectual property of Medabots.

Now they might have expressed themselves within their circles but in my opinion, the subject of Comadran Studios was not publicly addressed by Imagineer at the time. When I read through Jonathan Holmes his Thread I mostly noticed his anger against cryptocurrencies and blockchain as well as Kevin Comadran and other people who were inside the Medabots team, with one person, in particular, Jonathan DeLucia (who is one of the kindest and funniest influencers in crypto and blockchain and did not deserve to be treated in the Thread of Jonathan Holmes the way he was.

It is safe to say that Jonathan Holmes and myself will not likely become friends any time soon but as I said this is a formal apology from myself (Jaimy de Vries) for the article that was written and published towards his Thread.

I do however agree with him on the fact that Kevin Comadran his project and the project from Mr. Chaptem caused a huge confusion and were very misleading especially if you take into consideration how everything has been divided into multiple groups and opinions, expressing hate towards each other as if they are the democrats and patriots in a political conflict, whatever is happening is taking place very slowly and will most likely continue for many years.

Therefore I also want to take the opportunity to apologize to Jonathan Holmes for my article in the past and rather be in a situation where all of us can work together in bringing the truth out to the world in regards to the Medabots Hoax.

Jaimy de Vries

The Gap between Comadran Studios and MedaGames

Even though we already knew that there was a huge dispute between Imagineer and Comadran Studios when people asked about the things that they didn’t understand or concerns that existed outside the community it was often labeled as fud and not something to worry about, as long as Kevin Comadran and Mr. Chaptem worked together in good harmony everything would turn out to be oke, this is what was said many times over and over.

However, in the end, it turned out that Kevin Comadran and Fadi Khalil (Mr. Chaptem) didn’t agree on anything and that they found themselves disagreeing on the entire matter. It wasn’t long after this that many people within the community realized that they didn’t get along anymore and that they had completely different ideas about the future of the Meda/Mon project and that nearly everything that was mentioned and promised was indeed based on false hope, lies and a lot of to good to be true’s.

As many know Mr. Chaptem has always been the face of the MEDA currency, a project that seemed to have great potential during September 2021 however was already suffering from an incredible amount of fud and criticism in November 2021, when in December 2021 Imagineer released a statement that Kevin Comadran had lost the legal dispute against Imagineer it was also very clear that another dispute had born, Kevin Comadran and Mr. Chaptem at that point were still very silent about things and tried to avoid public name calling for the sake of the project(s).

Neither side is keeping up their promises and is making bad decisions

It is becoming more clear that both the team of Medamon as well as the team of Medagames are continuing to make decisions that are very unlogical and somewhat fishy. Kevin Comadran is frequently blocking wallets from all sorts of investors, telling them that this has to do with maintenance on pancake swap and medagames seems to strategically postpone launching their new token. It is not clear what is happening with the funds of the liquidity at the moment, the liquidity was removed and sent to binance. but more and more investors are expressing their concerns over the past few months.
( Here are links to the BSC blockchain where you can follow the liquidity from the meda currency until it disappears in Binance hot wallet 6. )

The Airdrops that were promised by Kevin Comadran & Mr. Chaptem

On both ends promises were made to distribute an airdrop within a short period of time after Kevin Comadran and Fadi Khalil decided that they would no longer be working together. At first, everything was promised to go quickly and easily, following an ethical approach to make sure both holders received an equal percentage of tokens on both projects, allowing everyone to go forward following the sidelines of the vision that they supported.

However as time went by, both sides started to change their approach, at this point, it was no longer about distributing all users an equal amount of tokens/valuation but all about excluding the true supporters of either protocol. This means that Kevin Comadran has been trying to blacklist anyone that is a supporter of Medagames / Mr. Chaptem and Mr. Chaptem has made it very clear how he feels about Kevin Comadran and also openly admitted that they will do everything they can to avoid sending tokens to those that are part of the Medamon project.

There used to be a word that was made up within the Medabots community “Medatonians” a nickname for all the users that had invested in the Medacoin (token) from Mr. Chaptem and the vision from Kevin Comadran, it seemed that they together were holding a key to one of the most amazing blockchain/crypto gaming projects though soon turned out to be a very bloody and awkward environment that in the end cost money and reputation to hundreds if not thousands of people.

Especially the way how things have been approached since then is becoming more and more concerning. Nevertheless, there are more people that are starting to stand up and for those who want to know the truth about the story (or at least the perspective of many investors that lost their faith and money), there is another group called Medabots Open Discussion. This group is not always expressing itself in a fancy way but it shares one mutual objective, being there for those that have questions but got silenced along the way.

At first, the open discussion group only contained a few members and often was very aggressive, but over time more and more people are joining there and are looking for more ways to redeem what they have lost, or at least share their experience with other victims of Medabots / Medamon / Meda / Medagames. In the end, those that are stealing from people in such a shameless manner, pointing fingers at everyone but themselves is something that won’t go unpunished. Let’s assume they won’t face consequences due to regulation, you can be sure of the fact that Kevin Comadran, Mr. Chaptem and several others will have to keep in mind how many people they have insulted, stolen from, manipulated, etc.

This article will be updated over time adding more information based on new events and everyone will have the ability to share their experiences in the comments below.

Additional Resources in regards of Medabots / Medamon

Shelley Mae promotes Medamon with misleading video title.

The title of the video suggest that it is to see whether or Medabots (Medamon) is a scam or not, but the video is definitely a promotion video for the Medamon project and does not discuss anything about the history of the project and what took place before Kevin Comadran rebranded the project. 

This makes it clear to that Shelley Mae is not aware about everything that took place. In the description of the video you can find all the urls that redirect you to the Medamon Website, marketplace and other elements of the Medabots Crypto Project.

MedaRot vs. ‘MedaBot’, an Imposter Among Us | Medarot News Network feat. Special Guest Panel!

No doubt folks have been hearing rounds about the supposed creation of a Medabots “game” within the Crypto communities over the last few months, and with that come a lot of questions over what exactly is going on, what exactly is Crypto, and how is it tied to Medarot. This special episode is just an opinion and observation on what have we in Project Rising Beetle noticed about this particular trend. With me are a few friends of mine from within our Western Community that have been keeping eyes on the situation and also have their own thoughts on the matter to call in with!

Again, this video also is primarily our thoughts and feedback on the matter, and are not to be taken as the as-is situation. Please remember to do your own research on the matter too! But if anyone does have questions or is unaware about the situation, this video can be used as a starting place for the general idea.

Medarot News Network


Though I dont think that Akosi Daoa really understands what took place with the Medabots project he does claims that his video is an honest review. I doubt that Akosi Daoa has bad intentions as he most likely is doing his job as an crypto game video review promoter. 


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