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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Ron: hi everyone here at BSCDaily. I’m good and glad to have the opportunity to talk about Mech Master here today with guys.

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Ron: Yes bro! Can’t wait.

Q1: Now to start the AMA, can you tell us about Mech Master? The team and their experience with crypto projects?

Ron: Mech Master is the first game of Mirai Studio. I met Hikari, the other founder of Mirai Studio, in our past projects in our previous companies and we found ourselves as friends at first. We had some discussion regarding the GameFi project and that was when the idea of starting off a game studio was born.

Mech Master is the result of the contribution of 50+ people. We are a team of experts and highly skilled individuals across the country, who come together for one mission only – creating this incredible Mecha game for everyone.

Our team is based in Vietnam, and we came from many international game companies established here in Vietnam, such as Microsoft Publish, Gameloft, Scopely and so on. With the experience from each of my teammates, that makes us have full-stake in creating the Mech Master game from a to z. However, additional technology is not the core of the game, we have partners for each of it.

Q2: It seems like Metaverse is a must for Blockchain game these days. How does Mech Master captivate this trend?

Ron: Glad to have the opportunity to talk about Mech Master metaverse.

However, no, we don’t captivate the trend. Mech Master was born with the idea of Metaverse and for us, Metaverse isn’t a trend. It’s our core strategy.

Gunpla culture, originally from Japan, has inspired us for this Mech Master game. And if you’re familiar with Gunpla culture, you may be aware that it has all of the elements needed to build the ideal Metaverse world. Mech Master gameplay has always been intended to be a part of the Metaverse.

Mech Master metaverse is the where distinct realities and virtual worlds merge. Players earn by winning fights with their preferred array of enormous Mechas with stunning 3D models to combat against others, hire new pilots, obtain new weaponry, demonstrate tactical power, and much more. And with their earnings, players may purchase moon lands to grow their operations. We apply real-world-like economics, in which moonland is a valued asset.

Q3: Tell us more about it! What exactly is the Mech Master metaverse? You know why I’m asking this question? Because many Blockchain games out there keep talking about Metaverse but not all of them are doing it for real.

Ron: To be more precise, let’s me sum up in short: Mech Master is an online arena where DeFi reigns by fusing together cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens and video gaming. And add-on that, AR & VR technology will be applied to create our unique metaverse with Mechas as a core part with everything revolving around them.

Being the pioneer in 3D Mecha NFT game with both AR and VR technologies implemented, Mech Master allow its players to own a highly interactive 3D Mecha Model in a futuristic world. Players can even bring out the intense battle into the real world in 3D format, adding to the immersive experience. More exciting updates are on the way providing thrilling gameplay from the Mecha’s perspective, or cruising along the brawl of the giant robots in VR format.

And yes, we know that creating a full metaverse is hard and to reach the level of our expectation is expensive, time-consuming and bearning many tech challenges. That’s why we’re working with different partners to have their supports, especially on technology. Mech Master metaverse will be released after the full game release which will be in Q1 2022, expected in Q2 2022 in the form of AR first.

Q4: Do you have any examples to show the work in progress to prepare for the Mech Master metaverse? I’ll trust you more if you can show us some example right here, right now

Ron: you bet! Yes, would love to show you some of the AR video from our AR app, which, by the way, will be released for Android and iOS very soon so that you guys can take Mech Master Mechas just about everywhere.

Here our teammate with his new pet. Everyone at Mech Master has their own pet which they don’t need to take care of : )

Q5: Let’s dive into your token. Tokenomics & use cases? Where and how can the community buy your token?

Ron: October 24, 2021, marks the beginning of the $MECH token journey and it could not have started any better as we had our IDO. However, this is only a start. We also has unveiled our Game Market coming along with the NFT box opening event.

$MECH token metric:

Circulating supply: 12.3m

IDO Price $.04

Price now $.40

Current Mcap: $5.4m

Community trust: 100%

Full send on Dextools:

We are doing our best to make $MECH token the best utility right after its TGE.

Main Token Utility: In-game Currency, Staking, PVP wage, speed up time-gated content, gold exchange, buy and customized mecha, NFT farming, NFT renting, Gacha system and Governance.

You can buy $MECH now on Pancake Swap ( or MEXC (

Our official contract address is: 0xc7b7844494c516b840a7a4575ff3e60ff0f056a9

Q6: Let’s talk about marketing plan, partnerships & influencers that you are collaborating with.


To name a few of our partners, including IceTea Labs, Youbi, Basics Capital, Kyros Ventures, as well as the other well-known VCs such as Lotus Capital, Au21, MiH, Magnus Capital, x21… They’ve been helping us in terms of marketing, open up the network, advising on strategy, technology advises…

For KOLs, we have Cryptocurry, Cagetocrypto, OnlinePESA, CryptoForce, Crypto Thugs Capital, InfinitYHunterZCluB, Prestito, Skippy, UniswapEarlyCalls, Cryptonation, Moon11, Crypto Rank, Money Guru, Altcoin Buzz, AVstar Capital, Blocktalks, Crypto Knowledge, InfinityDOT, Top7 ICO, Altcoin Alerts, Infinity Gainz, Edna, tehMoonwalkeR, FaceMelter, Satoshi Club, Exnetwork Capital, Mandy, Fomokid, Money King, Cryptodaku, Overdose GEM, CryptoOcean, Spicygem, Cryptolover, AJ analysis, Crypto Fomo, CryptoMasterC, Capital pty ltd, HyperGrowth, Kriptosteel, JarePR…

New names will be announced soon as now we have signed with new partners in terms of technologies and future developments of Mech Master.

Q7: What are the project goals? Can you share with us your roadmap in the next 6 months?

Ron: The most important milestone for Mech Master is, of course, the official game launch which will happen in Q1-2022.

We are on track with this deadline. However, to make it happen on time, our team is working days and nights till that date. Right after that, new game features will be released to engage with players on-board.

in short, in the next 6 months, we’ll focus the most at the game. Beside that, we have 3 events in plan to give the opportunities for our communities to win valuable items and freebies, including expensive NFTs. So to grab a chance, join our communities today.

Q8: Where can we find out more about Mech Master on social media?

Ron: There are many fake/scam groups out there using Mech Master brand name, unfortunately.

Please be very careful and only join the following groups/channels that are Mech Master Officially as below:

Official Social Media Links:


 Telegram ANN:

 Game Market:

 Staking Mech:






Official Discussion Channel:

 Global Channel:









Also, we are expanding and looking to work with new Community Managers. So, if you have the skill and think you are up for it, feel free to reach me out to be our new community managers of the existed communities or others.

BSC_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with MechMaster.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Ron: Thank you guys for spending time with this AMA and we would love to have the support of BSCDaily community. We are running multiple events so that we can give you guys as many as possible freebies and valuable NFT items so that you guys can be more prepared for the official game launch of Mech Master in Q1-2022.

Feel free to join our communities to get started.

Before I leave, the team of Mech Master would love to send you guys a gift with Legion, our most beloved Mecha, dancing to wish all of you a Merry Xmas.

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for MechMaster.





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