MDEX Overtakes BurgerSwap and PancakeSwap in DEX Ranking

Maintaining a daily volume of more than $1.6 billion coming 2nd to Uniswap $1.7 billion, the HECO-based multichain MDEX has surpassed BurgerSwap and PancakeSwap. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network Dex is now taking over 23% of the market share.

MDEX Aims For the Moon

BSC-based Dex platform MDEX firmly stands in the third position of the DEX ranking; this comes at the heels of various platform integrations and products on the MDEX network. These upgrades include the implementation of its hybrid system of Dex, Initial Miner Offering (IMO), and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Their surprising DEX ranking is an indication of how successful these upgrades have been in attracting new users.

Dex Rankings by CoinmarketCap

The AMM network has been referred to as a “shining star” of the Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) chain for some time. Its integration into the BSC network and partnership with the WeStarter platform, another HECO based fundraising platform, place it in an advantageous position among top Dex platforms in the DeFi ecosystem.

WeStarter and MDEX Partnership

About MDEX

MDEX is an Automated Market Maker Dex platform that proposes a multichain ecosystem integrating Ethereum, BSC, and HECO blockchains in one project. The platform utilizes low transaction fees on the HECO chain and the transaction mining rewards on its platform, which have become a point of attraction for its increasing users. With MDEX, users can also engage in the dual mining mechanism of liquidity and transactions

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