MDEX and WeStarter Campaign Introduces Liquidity Incentives

Huobi Eco Blockchain (HECO) based Automated Market Maker (AMM), and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) MDEX just launched its WeStarter campaign. It aims to reward participants and liquidity providers (LP).

WeStarter Campaign

The campaign started yesterday on April 29th and was coupled with listing of WAR tokens. War is the native token of the WeStarter platform on MDEX. The campaign offers 10,000 of MDX rewards. The campaign will select the winners who followed the instructions clearly and reward them based on the reward program’s number.

WAR + MDEX campaign to celebrate the listing

How to Enter the Campaign

Follow Mdex and WeStarter Twitter accounts, and join the Mdex English telegram group.

Retweet the Twitter post, like & comment, and tag three friends.

Users should access MDEX DApp through the HRC20 address and add liquidity for WAR/USDT.

Finally, fill in this form.


The number of rewards will be determined by the number of tasks completed and the number of participants who completed the tasks. The table below provides the reward plans for the program;

Reward Table as seen on MDEX Reward Medium Blog

If the number of people who complete the tasks is between 1000-3000, then 100 people will be rewarded 30 $MDX tokens each. The reward pool increases if the number of people who completed the tasks increases, rewarding 200 users $50 of MDX at the highest tier.

Important Guidelines

  • Users must own an MDEX account, as that is where you will receive your rewards.

Members will have to fill the form else risk eligibility.

Users have to hold $WAR assets in their HRC20 addresses. Random snapshots will be taken before distributing rewards.

Members who have completed the task must ensure that they are new followers of Mdex and WeStarter and new members in the Telegram group. No point in unfollowing and following Twitter as this does not qualify the user. Neither does rejoining the Telegram group will be counted.

The timeline of distribution will be 14 days after the event.

About MDEX

As reviewedMDEX is a multi-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) and DEX platform built on the HECO chain. It aims to bring accessibility to all chains in the DeFi sector, offering a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Initial Miner Offering (IMO), and an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on BSC.


The platform stands out above all other DEX and AMM services on the HECO chain as they have locked more than $2 Billion in Total Value Locked (TVL). They are consistently making progress with their dual mining program, offering liquidity mining and transaction mining. It encourages users to both stake on the platform and get rewarded for transacting on the platform.

About WeStarter

Also, based on the HECO chain, WeStarter aims to be the cross-chain initial swap platform covering all tokens on the HECO chain. The fluency of its product and sufficient industry resources carries the requirement of funds and resources for various asset types. It aims to select high-quality assets for its users.

WeStarter Platform

Since launching, the platform audited by Certik has been growing in influence and recognition. They have raised more than $200 Million and over 8000 participants, including 14 pools. 

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